With all the housetraining devices available—training pad, litter box, tray, etc.—deciding which one is suitable for your dog can get a little confusing. If you are one of those lucky owners who got it right on the first purchase, then congratulate yourself on the time and money you’d saved. Unfortunately, many new owners have to go through a few purchases before settling the right housetraining device for their dogs.

Like any other dog supplies, housetraining device is a matter of preference, practicality, and cost. If you do enough research, you can probably figure out on your own what’s best for you and your puppy. Nevertheless, I will give you a head start to save you some time and money. Here is a complete (as far as I know) analysis of two most popular housetraining devices, Wizdog and ScoopFree, for dogs, specifically for small dogs.

WizDog vs ScoopFree

WizDog ScoopFree Price $39.95 – One time investment $139.95 – first investment which includes the first litter cartridge. Structure Plastic tray and grate Litter box and litter cartridge Size Exterior measurement – 28″ (L) x 21″ (W) Elimination space – 23.5″ x 15.5″ Exterior measurement – 28″ (L) x 19″ (W) x 7″ (H) Elimination space – 14″ x 14″ Optional Accessories No accessory is required. Anti-Tracking Carpet – $24.95 Hood – $29.95 Refill No refill is needed! It can be used as it is, or can fit either newspaper or training pads to absorb the urine. The cost of each refill tray depends on the numbers of tray you ordered at one time, ranging from $14.99 to $19.95. Each tray lasts about 30 days depending on the number of dogs using it.

Suitable Breeds Small to medium sized dogs. However if you’ve a large dog, you’ll need to get another Wizdog and place them side by side with newspapers draped over the center and secured under the grates, making it a bigger potty pan.No worries for owners whose dogs with long coat. The grate will prevent the coat from touching the urine, especially when she takes a squat. Teacup to small-sized dogs, body length (shoulder to rear) should not be longer than 15 inches (best is 13 inches or shorter, so there will be a little room left for your dog to do the potty dance. Transitional Period Somewhere between a day to 2 weeks for a complete transition. Most dogs will automatically urine on the potty tray the very day you place it at their existing potty area. A few dogs might need a little getting used to when doing their number 2. About 7 to 10 days. I believe it requires some training for the dog to getting used to the Crystal.

My dogs had prior training to conventional litter box and are accustomed to litter pellets, so the transition was smooth and fast…almost! The only thing they had to get used to was the sound made by the rake when it sweeps through the litter. The best advice I’d give you is to have your dog fully trained to litter box before you make the investment. How It Should Be Used It is designed for one dog to use at a time. Since my dogs don’t know how to take a queue number :P, I combine two pans for their easy access. After that, I flip the grate over the toilet bowl and flush the solid waste. No cleaning is needed and you “never” have to see or touch any messy waste. It automatically rakes solid waste into a covered trap. The only time you’ll need to come in contact with the litter box is when you change the cartridge. You may want to clean the frame once in a while. Cleaning and Care Cleaning is a breeze.

The tray has a smooth glossy finish making it easy to clean and a better sanitation too. Occasionally, the poop may be stuck in the grid, so it’s a bit of a hassle to clean if it goes into the grate, so keep a toilet brush handy. No cleaning is needed and you “never” have to see or touch any messy waste. It automatically rakes solid waste into a covered trap. The only time you’ll need to come in contact with the litter box is when you change the cartridge. You may want to clean the frame once in a while. Odor Buster Since it does not automatically remove the waste after each use, the odor will linger until you clean the pan. You might want to place the pan far away from human traffic, i.e. bathroom area. The Fresh Step Crystal No Clumps litter locks in odors for unbeatable odor control. Crystals absorb wetness; there are no clumps of urine. Best Placed at Can be placed anywhere you choose to train your dog to do his toileting.

Because of its smooth surface underneath, it is best placed it over a nonslip mat or on rough tiles. So when your dog make a run to the pan, it will not slip away. Have to be placed near a power socket for it to work. Cannot be exposed to sunlight and moisture, so outdoor playpen and toilet are not ideal place to place the ScoopFree. Utility area would be your best bet. Safety Measures / Prevent Destructive Behaviors 1. There is no electrical cord for the puppy to chew on or mess with it. 2. All liquid is absorbed by the newspaper that stays under grate on the plastic tray and the papers/pad cannot be shredded. 1. It’s best to use a code protector so that your puppy won’t have the opportunity to chew on the electrical code. 2. Dog, especially puppies, may chew and swallow the litter—Crystal. They may also kick the litters out of the litter box. Paw Print Tracking All liquid waste is channeled through the grate to the bottom of the tray and absorbed by newspaper (optional), preventing paws from coming in contact with the urine. Keeps your dog’s paws clean and dry. The Crystals absorb wetness, there are no clumps of urine.

However though, the crystals may be struck between paws, which then get scattered all over your house. So you might want to consider getting the anti-tracking carpet. Durability Since it does not rely on power to operate, and it is made of industrial grade polyethylene plastic tray, you can be certain it is here to stay for years. I’ve been using Wizdog since Oct 2004, and they still look as good as new. It wouldn’t be fair for me to compare ScoopFree with Wizdog as I’ve the litter box for about 4 months now and only used it once—for 13 days.* I suppose it will last me quite a while if I use it with care. Guarantee 30 days 90 days Shipping Cost Shipping cost is not made available prior to, but you will have the detail just before you check out. Shipping cost is clearly stated before you made the purchase. Service and Support Prompt and friendly reply.

Even though I get a further discount price (a privilege given to affiliates), the service and support given to me aren’t anywhere substandard. I was treated like any other customer—fair and just. After four email queries, they finally replied…3 weeks later! That’s a big red flag. I wonder how long it would take them to reply to me if I encounter faulty issues with the product. Of course, you could always order it through third party suppliers, however, you still have to liaise with the manufacturer should there be a faulty issue—as it’s stated in their manual. Additional Info. Pro: Light weight – weighs about 3 lbs Pro: Free dog training ebook with purchase. Pro: Cheap Pro: Scoopfree is an ideal housetraining devise when you have both cat and dog living under the same roof. Since it automatically clean the litter, you don’t have to worry about your dog eating feces again. Con: See my PDF Chart

Personal Note: You might wonder why I would use ScoopFree since I’ve been using Wizdog religiously for 4 years. It isn’t so much for my convenience rather it’s for my pet sitter. Once, my former pet sitter failed to show up for one day (I returned home from my mini vacation a day earlier—it’s not an intention to snoop on her!), and needless to say, my doggy toilet was filled with the accumulated wastes and not to mention the smell accompanied with IT. Without question, I fired her when she showed up the following day. Boy, was she surprised! Anyway, the ScoopFree is just a contingent plan I use when I go on a no-dog-vacation.

Conclusion: There are only a few things I would splurge on my dogs and housetraining device is not one of them. That’s why I don’t use ScoopFree on a regular basis, certainly not when I’ve three or more dogs. My cost for replacing the refills can really add up in long run. I’ve also used similar potty trays, which are slightly cheaper, but they are not as sturdy as Wizdog.Now it isn’t difficult for potty training dogs as long as they are kept in good shape right from the time they are puppies such as keeping their body muscles loose and relaxant like applying dog CBD oil at regular intervals on their body so that they don’t have to face health issues once they reach old age, by which time most of the dogs end up in pretty bad shape if not treated carefully.

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