Two weeks away from each of your vacation departures, you passionately scrutinize all of the hot girls’ Instagram accounts. Just to get up to speed quickly. You then notice the bandeau bikini, the zero-defect manicure, the “bronde” hair. And who says fashion says ephemeral also. Except that the tattoo is not really ephemeral, well, no. 

Suddenly we tell ourselves that it is better to take your time well before giving in to temptation. The best is to get a tattoo for its symbolism, even a dolphin if necessary (really if necessary then), something that looks like us and that we are not likely to regret over time. And if Kate’s little anchor or a flock of birds really catches your eye, then go for it, but we will have warned you. 

Go To A Good Tattoo Artist

One of the conditions when considering getting a tattoo is choosing the right tattoo artist. It seems almost evident like that, but it’s important to remember it. If it is easier to find a tattoo parlor than an ophthalmologist, you should not stop at the first comer. At first, you can already start by getting information by word of mouth, asking those around you who know a good tattoo artist. Then, it is essential to go to a tattoo artist who knows how to draw and who works with passion.  Obviously, for the pain, the Tktx numbing cream is used.

Do Not Get A Tattoo Before Going In The Sun (Nor Too Soon After)

You agree to put an end to beach volleyball afternoons in full sun (painful). Indeed, when you get a tattoo, it is strongly recommended not to do it before exposing yourself to the sun so that the healing (which lasts about two weeks) and the sharpness of the drawing are not altered (in any way). We take into account the fact that you are diligent in protecting your skin from UV rays). And since it is not very advisable to get a tattoo on skin that has just sunk (because it is thicker and prone to peeling), it is better to plan to take action in winter or choose a somewhat hidden area. Also, using Tktx numbing is essential.

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