Google is the favorite platform of all the marketers globally as it is the best for carrying out their campaign. The returns that a person gets due to the Google marketing campaign are the best in return on investment and lead generation. But to study these fundamental factors, there is an analysis report required to the marketer.

Google Analytics is that platform that will provide you all the reports regarding your campaigns and the website. If you are interested in using the Google Analytics platform, you must know the basic features of this platform.


The very first service that Analytics will provide you a detailed Analytics reports. There will be some people who will be visiting your website and your campaign, and to keep their keep report, the Analytics will help you. It will help you improve your mistakes to fulfill the goals better,

The business conversion is the first aim of every business, either it is the product or the services. The conversion can be anything ranging from the registration as the news teller to buying from your website. Analytics help you out in keeping these reports so that you can perform better in the future.

The most important feature of the Google platform is keyword references. Every marketer knows how important the keywords are for their websites. Now the analytics will help you devise the best keywords for your website, with the help of which you can increase your website’s ranking.

There are many other exciting features of the Google Analytics platform, which you can learn from the Analytics course provided by Google. One has to pass the examination to get the certificate. Some people face an issue in passing the test because they are unable to practice well. So, such people can access google analytics for beginners assessment answers and the latest questions for practicing and get to know the platform better.

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