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Anyone can put a page up on any social media platform, but if you have no plan it’s kinda like throwing mud against a wall to see what sticks.

If you know that Social Media is important but just can’t imagine when you’re going to find the time to do it properly, Social Media Butler has a range of tiered social media management packages available. We can do it for you AND we’ll do it right! Not all the people at the Instagram platform require followers. Then, Who Needs Instagram Likes? The answer is provided through the experts. The person that has less follower at the account will require the purchasing of the likes and comments. 

Businesses in general have one common goal: To find more customers and make more sales. Social Media Marketing can make finding those new customers easy. Not only that, it’s much easier to interact with them and keep them coming back!

We’re all busy and as business owners we believe that you should be focusing ON your business and not IN your business. As soon as you start growing your business, you should be looking to outsource certain tasks… and we can help with your marketing and social media presence. Yay!

We’re pretty sure that you would love to find more customers and make more sales and we can help you with this by using a strategic social media marketing approach for your business. Social media marketing is now allowing businesses to interact and connect with current and potential customers in ways they were never able to before. Are you ready to grow your business, build meaningful relationships and have customers coming back again and again?

If you’re serious about using social for your business (and you totally should be with billions of people on it) it must be supported the same way as any of your other marketing activities. You always start with a solid, well formulated, well considered strategy.

Our expert team of marketing & social media managers and copywriters are on it. It’s what we eat, live, breathe and sleep. It’s what we absoluuutely love doing! We are a team of highly specialised individuals that will work with you to formulate your strategy, write your copy, post it to your blog, newsletter and social media channels. How awesome!

Before we get excited scheduling tweets, growing likes, blogging, emailing or instagramming pretty pictures on your behalf, we get together and prepare a comprehensive analysis to figure out where exactly your tribe (i.e. customers and prospects) hangs out and how they use and share information online. Our goal through social media is to help build your business profile to a relevant audience (i.e. people who are likely to buy), increase brand awareness and drive more leads and sales conversions to you.

We have developed a range of tiered solutions to manage your Social Media Marketing for you.

First we’ll meet with you so that we fully understand your business, your brand and your marketing goals. Then we’ll create a social media management strategy and solution that we implement and manage for you. We regularly communicate with you and inform you of your results (although you’ll notice things changing before we tell you).

If you’re ready to get yourself out there and you don’t yet have your social media networks setup or you’re not sure about your current setup, we can help you.

  • We will setup your profiles and/or pages by either creating an account for you or we can do a review of your current setup.
  • We’ll also create your cover images using your branding and optimising the space for engagement and promotion.
  • We’ll complete your ‘about’ profiles by telling your tribe who you are, how to find your website and how to contact you.

We specialise in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+. The above setup fee includes one profile, additional profiles will incur an additional fee.

Social Media Management packages start from $299 per month

 (that’s less than $10 per day!)

Want someone to manage your social media accounts for you? We can do this for you too, by creating highly engaging content that tells the story of your business and have customers come back for more.

Did you know that email has a much higher conversion rate than social media or advertising? (sometimes as high as 4000%!!!) That’s why it’s so important to build your list and engage with your tribe. Not sure how to do this or you simply don’t have time to do this yourself? We’d love to engage with your customers so that you get to see the returns.

Talk to us today about a social media management or email marketing plan to suit your needs.

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