Silk clothing could range from summer pajamas to sumptuous formals as it is most comfortable providing expensive fibers. People prefer silk garments for their lightness and soft touch and feel. Women also buy silk robe for their ease of wearing at home, and these are among the most relaxing clothing for them. 

However, if you are not familiar with the maintenance of silk clothing and cannot afford the precaution, then your garments could go dull in some time. Therefore, to avoid this, you should ensure a few points of care with silk garments.

One Should Check Colorfastness Immediately Before The First Cleaning 

If you are about to wash or clean your silk clothing, you must test it for colorfastness. For this, you need the mild laundry detergent and mix a drop of it in a cup of water at room temperature. Dab the mixture on some hidden part of the clothing, and place it on a clean towel. If the dye comes off, you should avoid washing the cloth and prefer dry cleaning only.

Cleaning And Storing Of Silk Clothes – DIY Tricks

Handwashing or home washing of some silk clothes could be strictly prohibited as these are generally “dry-clean only.” But if it is not strictly restricted, you can handwash the silk cloth using gentle liquid detergent. Do not rub the clothe harshly and also avoid twisting the fabric. Do not soak the clothing for more than five minutes.

Now to dry the cloth, place the garment on an absorbent towel and roll up the towel to remove moisture. Unroll the towel and repeat the process until the moisture is gone, as you cannot hang it in sunlight or dry it in the dryer. It would be best if you iron the clothing when it’s a bit damp and does ironing on a low setting.

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