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Obama Home Energy Rebate Not The Only Way Rancho Santa Margarita

Before you spend thousands of dollars on energy-saving products (Energy Star Products) get phenomenal results with these (6) six inexpensive home secrets. 1.When battling summer heat, give yourself a fighting chance. First, try to cool the whole house down as much as possible - windows open ( hopefully you have a dual glaze, energy-efficient windows), and let the cool early morning air circulate. That way you might start the day with the inside temperature down in the mid-’60s. Then when the sun comes up, and the rays start hitting your house, close the windows and pull the shades as the first line of defense. 2.The next defense is not let areas of the house heat up because of trapped hot air. The biggest offenders are garages and closed in attic areas. In the case of the garage, have a simple Ohagen roof vent installed to let the air seep out? Better yet, have a Solar Vent installed which draws the hot air out during the peak periods, and costs you nothing to run. Of course, lift the garage door a few inches as well to allow the air to circulate. Additionally, you can do local roofing and restoration to get it more efficient.  3.The attic areas are huge offenders in that temperatures can reach 130 degrees if not dealt with. Here, exhaust fans can be installed with thermostats set to 85-90 degrees. For maximum efficiency, you will need inexpensive roof vents at the bottom and top of a slope to allow for the free flow of air. 4.If you have windows and doors that directly face the afternoon sun, it is good to try and intercept the sun’s rays before they have a chance to attack your structure. Outside umbrellas or awnings are a great way to control the heat before it reaches the exterior of your house. 5.Inside, having ceiling fans circulating the air will make any room temperature more tolerable. 6.Finally, a whole house fan, is a great way at the end of the day to begin to bring in the cooler air from outside and, at the same time, evacuate built up warmer air that still resides in the attic areas. In southern California, even on really hot days, you can maintain the inside temperature in the mid to high 70s without running the air conditioner, using these simple methods. Submitted by: Wayne Bass, general and roofing and window contractor,, in Mission Viejo California. For other energy-saving ideas, please see blogs on our website. As a Green Contractor in South Orange County, we have incorporated all of these ideas and more into our own residence.  

Wizdog Potty Pan Vs Scoopfree Automatic Litter Box

With all the housetraining devices available—training pad, litter box, tray, etc.—deciding which one is suitable for your dog can get a little confusing. If you are one of those lucky owners who got it right on the first purchase, then congratulate yourself on the time and money you’d saved. Unfortunately, many new owners have to go through a few purchases before settling the right housetraining device for their dogs. Like any other dog supplies, housetraining device is a matter of preference, practicality, and cost. If you do enough research, you can probably figure out on your own what’s best for you and your puppy. Nevertheless, I will give you a head start to save you some time and money. Here is a complete (as far as I know) analysis of two most popular housetraining devices, Wizdog and ScoopFree, for dogs, specifically for small dogs. WizDog vs ScoopFree WizDog ScoopFree Price $39.95 – One time investment $139.95 – first investment which includes the first litter cartridge. Structure Plastic tray and grate Litter box and litter cartridge Size Exterior measurement - 28″ (L) x 21″ (W) Elimination space - 23.5″ x 15.5″ Exterior measurement - 28″ (L) x 19″ (W) x 7″ (H) Elimination space - 14″ x 14″ Optional Accessories No accessory is required. Anti-Tracking Carpet - $24.95 Hood - $29.95 Refill No refill is needed! It can be used as it is, or can fit either newspaper or training pads to absorb the urine. The cost of each refill tray depends on the numbers of tray you ordered at one time, ranging from $14.99 to $19.95. Each tray lasts about 30 days depending on the number of dogs using it. Suitable Breeds Small to medium sized dogs. However if you’ve a large dog, you’ll need to get another Wizdog and place them side by side with newspapers draped over the center and secured under the grates, making it a bigger potty pan.No worries for owners whose dogs with long coat. The grate will prevent the coat from touching the urine, especially when she takes a squat. Teacup to small-sized dogs, body length (shoulder to rear) should not be longer than 15 inches (best is 13 inches or shorter, so there will be a little room left for your dog to do the potty dance. Transitional Period Somewhere between a day to 2 weeks for a complete transition. Most dogs will automatically urine on the potty tray the very day you place it at their existing potty area. A few dogs might need a little getting used to when doing their number 2. About 7 to 10 days. I believe it requires some training for the dog to getting used to the Crystal. My dogs had prior training to conventional litter box and are accustomed to litter pellets, so the transition was smooth and fast…almost! The only thing they had to get used to was the sound made by the rake when it sweeps through the litter. The best advice I’d give you is to have your dog fully trained to litter box before you make the investment. How It Should Be Used It is designed for one dog to use at a time. Since my dogs don’t know how to take a queue number :P, I combine two pans for their easy access. After that, I flip the grate over the toilet bowl and flush the solid waste. No cleaning is needed and you “never” have to see or touch any messy waste. It automatically rakes solid waste into a covered trap. The only time you’ll need to come in contact with the litter box is when you change the cartridge. You may want to clean the frame once in a while. Cleaning and Care Cleaning is a breeze. The tray has a smooth glossy finish making it easy to clean and a better sanitation too. Occasionally, the poop may be stuck in the grid, so it’s a bit of a hassle to clean if it goes into the grate, so keep a toilet brush handy. No cleaning is needed and you “never” have to see or touch any messy waste. It automatically rakes solid waste into a covered trap. The only time you’ll need to come in contact with the litter box is when you change the cartridge. You may want to clean the frame once in a while. Odor Buster Since it does not automatically remove the waste after each use, the odor will linger until you clean the pan. You might want to place the pan far away from human traffic, i.e. bathroom area. The Fresh Step Crystal No Clumps litter locks in odors for unbeatable odor control. Crystals absorb wetness; there are no clumps of urine. Best Placed at Can be placed anywhere you choose to train your dog to do his toileting. Because of its smooth surface underneath, it is best placed it over a nonslip mat or on rough tiles. So when your dog make a run to the pan, it will not slip away. Have to be placed near a power socket for it to work. Cannot be exposed to sunlight and moisture, so outdoor playpen and toilet are not ideal place to place the ScoopFree. Utility area would be your best bet. Safety Measures / Prevent Destructive Behaviors 1. There is no electrical cord for the puppy to chew on or mess with it. 2. All liquid is absorbed by the newspaper that stays under grate on the plastic tray and the papers/pad cannot be shredded. 1. It’s best to use a code protector so that your puppy won’t have the opportunity to chew on the electrical code. 2. Dog, especially puppies, may chew and swallow the litter—Crystal. They may also kick the litters out of the litter box. Paw Print Tracking All liquid waste is channeled through the grate to the bottom of the tray and absorbed by newspaper (optional), preventing paws from coming in contact with the urine. Keeps your dog’s paws clean and dry. The Crystals absorb wetness, there are no clumps of urine. However though, the crystals may be struck between paws, which then get scattered all over your house. So you might want to consider getting the anti-tracking carpet. Durability Since it does not rely on power to operate, and it is made of industrial grade polyethylene plastic tray, you can be certain it is here to stay for years. I’ve been using Wizdog since Oct 2004, and they still look as good as new. It wouldn’t be fair for me to compare ScoopFree with Wizdog as I’ve the litter box for about 4 months now and only used it once—for 13 days.* I suppose it will last me quite a while if I use it with care. Guarantee 30 days 90 days Shipping Cost Shipping cost is not made available prior to, but you will have the detail just before you check out. Shipping cost is clearly stated before you made the purchase. Service and Support Prompt and friendly reply. Even though I get a further discount price (a privilege given to affiliates), the service and support given to me aren’t anywhere substandard. I was treated like any other customer—fair and just. After four email queries, they finally replied…3 weeks later! That’s a big red flag. I wonder how long it would take them to reply to me if I encounter faulty issues with the product. Of course, you could always order it through third party suppliers, however, you still have to liaise with the manufacturer should there be a faulty issue—as it’s stated in their manual. Additional Info. Pro: Light weight - weighs about 3 lbs Pro: Free dog training ebook with purchase. Pro: Cheap Pro: Scoopfree is an ideal housetraining devise when you have both cat and dog living under the same roof. Since it automatically clean the litter, you don’t have to worry about your dog eating feces again. Con: See my PDF Chart Personal Note: You might wonder why I would use ScoopFree since I’ve been using Wizdog religiously for 4 years. It isn’t so much for my convenience rather it’s for my pet sitter. Once, my former pet sitter failed to show up for one day (I returned home from my mini vacation a day earlier—it’s not an intention to snoop on her!), and needless to say, my doggy toilet was filled with the accumulated wastes and not to mention the smell accompanied with IT. Without question, I fired her when she showed up the following day. Boy, was she surprised! Anyway, the ScoopFree is just a contingent plan I use when I go on a no-dog-vacation. Conclusion: There are only a few things I would splurge on my dogs and housetraining device is not one of them. That’s why I don’t use ScoopFree on a regular basis, certainly not when I’ve three or more dogs. My cost for replacing the refills can really add up in long run. I’ve also used similar potty trays, which are slightly cheaper, but they are not as sturdy as Wizdog.Now it isn’t difficult for potty training dogs as long as they are kept in good shape right from the time they are puppies such as keeping their body muscles loose and relaxant like applying dog CBD oil at regular intervals on their body so that they don’t have to face health issues once they reach old age, by which time most of the dogs end up in pretty bad shape if not treated carefully.

Guidelines For Buying Adidas Men’s Shoes

Do you need shoes for a workout at the gym, to walk or run, or to shine in courts, Adidas has the answer to all the training and the needs of sports shoes. However, if you are looking for the Best shoes for cnas nurses?? Then you can found out about that by clicking here. Founded in 1949, Adidas has become synonymous with athletic footwear in the world. From Olympic athletes to ordinary people, Adidas is one of the most widely used brands of shoes. Adidas shoes are available in various designs and sports. There was a man of athletic shoes designed specifically for certain sports such as basketball, baseball, golf, soccer, cricket, football, tennis, etc. There is also a variety of shoes designed for different types of buyers, from young children and teenagers to young adults To get a pair of Adidas golf shoes, look at the Adidas Men’s GL Slam Black / Silver Golf Shoe Wide. These are sturdy shoes that will take care of all your needs such as sports shoes really fit, grip, comfort, breathability, feel, and stability. A pair of these shoes have a light EVA insole and midsole with a synthetic leather top. These golf shoes feature durable TRAXION outsole with lugs. Try Adidas Men’s TS Commander Bounce Basketball Shoe, if you are looking for a good pair of shoes for the court. This shoe has a durable synthetic leather top is designed to provide support, textile lining for comfort, a shoe insole polyurethane long life, and a comfortable, non-marking rubber sole with a dual-density midsole. Shoes have been prepared with care to facilitate the driving force and efficiency while maintaining steady traction. Designer sports shoes for Adidas, look at the Adidas Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto. Y-3 Field shoes by Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto is a bike shoe with leg style, lace closure, tonal leather stripes on the vamp, and some of which resembles the Y-axis stitched on the back. Shoes have a leather upper, lining, and insole. The outsole is a synthetic contrast colored one. Shoes weigh about 14 oz. Yohji Yamamoto’s name is printed on the leather strap accents and flirty shoes. Shoes have a tongue and backstay sawtooth-edged, with Y-3 stamped on the tongue. If walking is your game, then look at Kahona Adidas Microbounce Running Shoe. This shoe has air mesh on the tongue for optimal ventilation, fabric lining for comfort, who created carefully and contoured EVA insole, grippy and durable rubber sole, and special Microbounce technology for fast energy return. There are lots of Adidas for baseball fans, too. The Adidas Men’s Excelsior Navy / White Low Metal Baseball Cleats are the best shoes durable clear in the game. Shoes have a TPU injected leg, high abrasion synthetic leather protector on, and EVA insert under the footbed for comfort. Adidas is the last name sports shoes are comfortable. Set the ball rolling with a pair of Adidas sports shoes.

Numerology Life Path

Each one of us wants to continuously live our life on purpose. For some who do not know yet their purpose of existence, they are eventually trying to discover it by seeking the answers to the question: “What on earth am I here for?”. All of us wants to bring value and meaning in our lives in our own little way. Numerology is one way that can help us understand our life purpose through the so called, “life path”. The life path represents our traits in which we are all born with. It represents our work and the tendencies and trends of our life.The life path indicates our abilities,and inner characteristics. The life path depends on our inner self on what we can really do and living up to our full potential. The light path number is the sum of our birth date. It represents our innate traits that we will be carrying throughout our lives. To get our own light path number, We should first add the month,day and year to arrive to a certain total number. The four digit total number should be reduced to a single digit. Example : A person was born on July 3, 1981 (07-03-1981*), add the month 7 to the day 3 and the year 1981 arriving at the total of 1991. Add the digits in 1991 equals 20 reducing to a single digit of 2 as the answer. Always remember to add the full year and not just the last two digits of the year. In the latter case, the year 1981 has all been added and not just the 81 or ending two digits of the year. The numerology life path are numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Each of these life path numbers has a representation describing a persons traits,challenges and vocations. Life path 1 describes someone who has strong leadership skills. This person is seen with a successful vocation in managing or handling his own business, a director, a corporate or a political leader. Men and women who possess positive 1 trait have the greatest capacity to lead and accomplish something at a great deal. They are at their best when confronted with obstacles by having enough strength and by being daring. They are enthusiastic individuals who love taking charge of things.Negative traits of path 1 is that they sometimes fail to become listeners or followers as they are always used to being leaders. Life path 2 on the other hand when faced with challenges tend to be sensitive and non confrontational.Being a peacemaker and intuitive is one of their outstanding traits. They are generous, honest and caring which enables them to bring their best and others surrounding them as well.They will be most fitting in areas of counselling,guidance,diplomat and communication jobs.On the negative side of 2, are nervousness and indecisiveness. Life path 3 are optimistic, innovative and expressive individuals.They love socialization’s in public forums and being the center stage., have a caring disposition for other’s needs as well.The 3 is a very loyal and ardent lover.But sometimes moodiness can pull them off too. Life path 4 describes one who is vengeful and cautious. They are practical, and down to earth individuals with great perseverance, that’s why they would do well in becoming a lawyer,accountant or a politician. Structure is very important to them as they always take in to heart taking and giving orders to others. Negative side of the 4 includes being narrow-minded, repressive and lacks tactfulness. Life path 5 loves freedom, stability, and organization.They are adventurous in their pursuit of freedom, and are advanced thinkers too. Focus and discipline is their game that’s why those people that belongs to this life path are very much successful in being a teacher, or managing their own businesses. Their down side trait are discontentment, impulsive, self -indulgent and sometimes being unaware of other people’s feelings around them. Life path 6 exhibits empathy and compassion to others.The key elements to this life path are responsibility and balance. Making them useful makes them happy. Their traits include being kind, helpful, selfless and martyr. Thus the downside trait of this number is that they have the tendency to become a slave to others, being too hard on themselves overwhelmed with a lot of responsibility. Life path 7 demonstrates one who is analytical, and has great wisdom. They can easily detect insincere and deceptive people thus avoiding them through their hunches which for them is true most of the time. Negative traits include being pessimistic,secretive or quarrelsome. They tend to have a serious lack of consideration for others. Life path 8 is about strength, prowess and leadership.they are very influential and charismatic in convincing other people. They are frank and honest in their relationship with others. The negative 8 can suppress his emotional feelings and tend to resort to loneliness and isolation. Material gains and dedication to success is very important to them to the extent of neglecting their families and peace of mind. Life path 9 is passionate and compassionate.They are caring, romantic and dedicated.They have the ability to make new friends easily and get along with others. They have an easy come easy go attitude especially when it comes to money matters. the negative 9 challenges includes uncertainty, and self sacrificing. Understanding our life’s purpose through numerology is just one guideline. What we are is our choice. We are the masters of our soul and the captain of our fate. We are the one’s handling our own journey and not other persons dictating us what to do. Living our life to the fullest, by loving others and doing good is the best guideline for us to discover our day to day purpose here on earth. Let’s all savor the meaning and fullness of life! To understand astrology in its entirety is a virtually impossible task as not even the best astrologers in the world cannot claim to know everything about the planets and stars aside from their numerical position that shapes peoples’ destinies, which you can learn more about in detail through that would serve as an eye opener for the younger generation that wants to take up astrology as a career.

Body Acne And How To Control It – Know the tricks!!

Acne may be seen as facial acne, but it is far worse. Though most often we don’t bother as much about our back, or the rest of our body, as we do about our face, in the long run it can be more troublesome than its facial counterpart. The first thorny part is that you cannot reach your back easily. Also your back is mostly invisible to you, so by the time you feel the presence of acne it has been there for quite some time! Furthermore, the skin on parts of the human body other than the face is much thicker and has more pores, which increases the oil production and irritation. The increased amount of pores makes you more susceptible to infections and increased acne flare-ups. Topical or oral medications don’t really help in these cases because topical ointments just rub off on our clothing and oral medications are designed to treat facial acne alone, in most cases. You might be able to reduce the flare-ups of body acne in the following ways: • Treatment for body acne and facial acne cannot be considered as the same. Monitor your diet regularly and if your body acne is severe enough to warrant sensitivity tests by your doctor, follow through to find the ingredient or ingredients that lead to acne formation. The effects of the acne scar cream are different for different people. The correct information should be provided to the people so that the purchasing of the right cream is there. With the use, the acne and scar from the skin are removed. The ingredients are herbal for the people to have the benefits.  • Enhance the amount of fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts in your diet. These will naturally help you to ward off acne attacks because of their vitamin and mineral content. Reducing body acne is a tricky problem but the solution is sometimes very simple. • It’s prudent to wear loose clothing to enable your body to breathe and not become too oily. Too much oil on the body surface translates into torturous acne! • Long hair can be beautiful but it also has potential to inflame body acne. Clean your hair regularly so that when it comes in contact with the body it doesn’t lead to the formation of acne. • In today’s fast-paced life your worst enemy is stress. It can cause numerous problems, including body acne. If you want to know how to reduce body acne the answer lies in decreasing the amount of stress. Take time off to relax and de-stress yourself. Body acne reduction can be emolliated in commercial creams and lotions, as well. These have three major components, which help in combating acne namely, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid and salicylic acid. They unclog pores, decrease the amount of oil formation and help to avert acne. If you want herbal remedies, there are many creams available which have different herbs in them that act as antibiotics and also reduce skin inflammation. Many of these contain neem, yellow dock, sarsaparilla, dandelion root and/or honeysuckle (these can quite often be found in health food stores). Herbal body scrubs open up pores and clean out oil and debris to allow your skin to “breath”. Apricot pit is a common ingredient in these. There are oral antibiotics, too, which include vitamins A, B2, B3 and E. These can be of real help in the treatment of body acne. The key to reducing body acne may lie in your general health and hygiene, however. Just get into the habit of cleaning your body regularly with antibacterial scrub and taking off sweaty clothes without rubbing or irritating your skin. Get the right amount of sleep, relax and take it easy. It’s always sensible to consult a doctor before you take any medication for body acne. There are always advancements in medicine and alternative discoveries that may improve your chances of leaving body acne behind!

Thousand Oaks Appliance Repair

Before you make a decision about hiring an appliance repair company, you should take some of your valuable time and learn about what companies provide and how they can help you. All options should be considered before making this important decision. As you visit the Thousand Oaks Appliance Repair (800) 219-4682 and going over the key features and offers provided by the company will allow you to see how credible and reliable their services are. We want you to have all of your appliances at home or your business working properly and make them useful on a daily basis. Our company wants to succeed with each repair project we get involved in and stay competitive in the appliance repair industry. Residential Appliance Repair in Thousand Oaks Troubleshooting your appliance is a good thing to do when you see that it is not working properly. However, if you find yourself confused and do not know how to troubleshoot your appliance, call (800) 219-4682 and have Thousand Oaks Appliance Repair specialists do it for you. More information about the appliance will make all repairs easier to handle and more cost-effective. At any time, contact our customer service members and let us know whether you are ready to do the repair with us and we will set up an appointment for you. Our experienced technicians will diagnose your appliance whether it is a refrigerator, washer, dishwasher, or dryer, and will give you an accurate report on what parts need to be replaced and how much it would cost you. Proper examination and diagnostic will save more time and money and these proper actions done by technicians will make a huge difference once your appliance is fixed and running. Commercial Appliance Repair And Service in Thousand Oaks Thousand Oaks Appliance Repair customer service members and managers realize that appliances break at different times of day and night. We keep our phone lines open to anyone who needs help and our representatives are ready to answer your phone calls and address all your requests related to the broken appliance in your home or business location. Thousand Oaks Appliance Repair (800) 219-4682 does not charge extra money for late-night calls and weekend services. Also, our clients can always complete a Service Request Form online and our service member will get back to you to assist you with scheduling an appointment. We do believe that the sooner you pay attention to your faulty unit, the better the result of the appliance repair job will be for you. With the help from our highly qualified technicians, we will help you get the service you deserve for any appliance type. Our Technicians Also Specialize In High-End Appliance Repair Services in Thousand Oaks Such As:
  • Dacor Appliance Repair Thousand Oaks
  • Sub-Zero Appliance Repair Thousand Oaks
  • Fisher & Paykel Appliance Repair Thousand Oaks
  • Viking Appliance Repair Thousand Oaks
  • Same Day Expert Appliance Repair in Thousand Oaks
Thousand Oaks Appliance Repair specialists can repair appliances made by major brands, such as Sub-Zero, Wolf, Kenmore, Maytag, Samsung, and many others. Our technicians know how to approach repair projects and have all the necessary knowledge and experience on how to fix all various high-end appliances. Our management makes sure that technicians have all the needed skills to complete fast and reliable repair work. Besides knowing how to fix all brands of appliances, our technicians have experience and fixed many types of appliances that are listed above (800) 219-4682. We know how your appliances operate and will fix these appliances with a positive attitude. Our company offers free estimates and will waive the service call charge as long as you do the repair with our company. Certified, Licensed & Insured For Your Protection! Certified technicians will be dispatched by Thousand Oaks Appliance Repair (800) 219-4682 and will be informed about your problem by our customer service representative. Diagnostic tools will be used to determine the cause of the problem and a written estimate will be offered for the client’s review and approval for the repair. We will let you know upfront if it is worth fixing your appliance. There are instances when purchasing and installing a new appliance will be a much better and cost-effective solution. Unlike other companies, Thousand Oaks Appliance Repair (800) 219-4682 representatives, whether technicians or customer service members, will let you know about all aspects of the repair process. Moreover, we will help you to install your new appliance if you choose us as your service provider. We will be very happy to help you resolve the issue and make things work for you better to make a positive difference in your life.

Check Out Some of The Best Feminine Wash In The Market

Considering the toxic environment we are living in, one needs to take extra care of one's health; especially that of intimate health. For women, it is of utmost importance to take care of private areas such as the vagina. This is where the feminine wash steps in.  What is a feminine wash? It is liquid that is a lot more gentle than regular soap and is engineered to keep the vagina of the woman clean and healthy. It helps to keep the toxic elements way and keep the pH level normal. It contains natural ingredients and has a soothing fragrance. Some of them have hypo-allergenic ingredients for those who have extremely delicate skin over there. Here are some of the best feminine wash available in the market. Dig in sisters!
  • SweetSpot Labs Natural:
It has gentle pH and is recommended by gynaec and dermatologists across the world. It can be used daily in the shower and is free from gluten. It is cruelty-free and is 97% natural. It is not scented and keeps one fresh for hours.
  • The Honey Pot Company Normal Wash:
It is gentle and is hundred per cent natural. It is approved by gynaecologists and does not cause itching or any other uncomfortable sensation. It is eco-friendly and is cruelty-free.
  • Lemisol Plus Gentle Daily Cleanser:
Available in seen sizes, it is hypoallergenic and has a balanced pH level. It is compact and has the scent of mint and the fragrance lasts for several hours. One will feel the warmth while applying the wash. It is gentle on skin and tough on the calluses and bacteria. Thus, this product understands the sweat glands that exist in the private parts and therefore keeps one fresh no matter whether one is doing a heavy workout or running errands. It is perfect for those who perspire excessively. You can get the best feminine wash from various online sites as well.   

Travel Agencies closing around my Feet – Check the services!!

I’m not suggesting this is an end of the high street travel agency, far from it, consumers will always want to speak to helpful humans, but has anyone else noticed agencies closing down in their high street? Interestingly, the notice on the Siesta holidays window said that you could now book online. Not sure I should speculate, but is this a sign of more smaller travel companies realising running costs are cheaper online, and more people are booking online, so let’s close up shop. It appears that the mergers have started to show on the high street, which was only to be expected I suppose. I spent my lunchtime walking around the city centre and noticed that four travel agencies have closed down in recent weeks; these being a branch of Thomas Cook , Co-Op Travel , Direct holidays and Siesta Holidays. With the Leiebilnord rental services, there is the availability of the correct and true information. The spending of the holidays can be there with a safe and secure for the customers. The facilities are neede to be supreme for the satisfaction with the right services.  Yes, I agree that many travel agencies will move from ’shop’ or old ways to online…it is a trend that is goind on around the globe, even in asia too… But for me personally, I think I feel safer when I deal with ‘offline’ agent, at least I know where they are and what they look like… Yep. Expect to see more of it as the big four-now-two rationalise their merged businesses. I don’t think small agencies will necessarily close, particularly not those that rely on loyal local customers - for them online sales could be a way of building on local business with shoppers from further afield. Face-to-face contact will still be vital to their core customers. That said, this is the travel industry: things could look completely different tomorrow morning… The point I was trying to make was that four travel agencies have closed down in the past few weeks. Personally, I find that a lot in a short period of time. Two huge shopping centres are to open in 2008 and I’m led to believe that no travel agencies have currently bought space there. For a city the size of Leeds, the choice of high street travel company is slowly disappearing. I am a travel agent. Many agents, like myself, have begun to work from their homes to cut the overhead. I wish people would understand that we do all the work at NO cost to the consumer. Our commissions are paid from the tour company. It is not more expensive to use us. I once had a dentist client who told me, “you don’t drill your own teeth, I don’t book my own travel.” If more people felt this way these agencies would not be dropping so fast. We are the experts. We know what makes a reputable company. Many of us have personally visited the places you seek and can make recommendations from a personal level. Using a travel agent is a win/win situation. Help save small businesses. The one you save may help you save your own! I welcome people to my home. It is not just a matter of clients making their own arrangements. The airlines, cruise and tour companies have cut commissions thus agencies must survive increasing operating costs with less income. I hoped that maybe people would find it “fun” at first but would eventually get tired of sifting through all the information and rely on the expertise of an agent. I feel sad to know agencies are still failing. Wouldn’t most people like someone else to do the work especially at no cost to them? Well done for you Vickie, but doesn’t inviting people to your home have security concerns? Whilst I enjoy reading guides and watching videos to help inspire me to choose a destination, I find searching for holidays online frustrating. If your booking a holiday for 2 or more people, without any special requirements then it’s easy, but solo travel, and other types of travel it’s easier to speak with someone like yourself. Vickie M on 10 November, 2007 at 12:52 am # To answer a the point raised about the dentist maybe a solicitor is a better example, you can arrange you own will, you can handle most legal matters without one, so why do people pay them. Well mostly because they know there way around the system and there a professionally qualified. Well so are travel agents! Going back to 1988 and the first overseas travel conference I attend. It was stated then that there where to many agency’s for the number of people they served. At the time there was about 7000 in the UK. We told with most forecasts that 1000 plus would have to go. In 2000 there were 12000 agencies. There is simply too many and now there are less big companies they are closing “that lose money” so if you agencies are closing that’s why. It is also worth pointing out the travel industry is entering it quite period and it is the time of year that shops close. As for the future of travel and travel agencies, (particularly related to business travel) I see a MAJOR shift coming… I believe that with all of the industry changes on the horizon in 2008, the economy and the state of most airlines, etc. there is going to be a demand that shifts us towards a need for a more service based travel industry where travelers can access a familiar voice when they need help as opposed to a farmed out call center in another country. As the do-it -your-self travelers get stranded more often and waste countless hours in airports with no access to helpful support from the websites they book from, they will begin to start booking (both business and leisure travel) with reputable agencies that they can build a relationship with. Espeically after wasting a whole day of your life to save a few dollars on a service fee…how much is your time worth? Sometimes we just need to put things into perspective a bit… I partially agree with PeteK, since I begin all of my travel planning with research on the web & don’t see a correlation between travel & dentistry. So rather than compare booking travel to deintistry, how about we compare it to… lets say, a hairdresser! We CAN cut our own hair (in fact I cut my own hair) and some people can do this successfully while others fail miserably and wind up in a baseball cap and a mad dash to the hairdresser for a fix.. But similar to booking travel, if you want to make sure it is done right the first time you may want to trust the professionals who can see the things that you can’t. However, in the world of travel - chances are instead of making a mad dash in a baseball cap, you may find yourself sitting in an airport terminal screaming at a scripted call center support person in a foreign country for days! Thats when you begin to think…. “how much did I really save by doing it myself????” But as of late, I always book through my agent so that I know I have someone to call on when something goes wrong (since that seems to be the norm these days). I have also found that the perception of finding great deals on the web is starting to self-correct. Airlines are not in a position to loose money, so the discounts that once were, are not. The ‘hot web-deals’ are not what they used to be, and some travelers are already noticing this shift while a few people still think the web is always the cheapest & easiest way to book…. A good agent will, most of the time, be able to find a better deal for you and also be there when you need them.

Bitcoin: Social Media Cyber Attacks On The Rise

In order to stay safe online, you need to use a little bit of common sense. The past couple of months has seen several major cyber-attacks on major social media sites and applications. Last month, for example, Skype was the victim of a massive cyber-attack, followed up with another malicious attack aimed at users of Skype. Ready To Invest in Bitcoin? Regardless of whether the answer is positive or negative, you need to understand how the cyber cell functions and how the number of attacks on the rise might have a negative impact on digital currency of which Bitcoin is the largest branch, which is why there are millions of investors that are prepared to bet everything on it but the Skype attack has shaken many of them to the core regarding cyber security. The attack directed at Skype users was released as an illegal way to generate Bitcoins. If you haven’t heard of Bitcoins, they are a digital currency that first emerged in 2009. Even weeks after the attack, users were continuing to click on up to 10 thousand links per hour. These links were associated with the Bitcoin generating attack. After clicking the link, the victim’s computer would be infected with a malicious computer code that attempts to illegally generate Bitcoins by using the computer’s resources. It was only a matter of time before online criminals took notice of Bitcoins. This digital currency can be traded anonymously online and once traded for currency it could be used to pay for other goods online. Online criminals took advantage of this with the coordinated attack on Skype. Generating the currency in order purchase drugs, weapons, and computer viruses. Back in April 5th of this year, the digital currency reached a peak value of $132 per Bitcoin, which was right around the time of the attack. Security experts make the point that this was most likely not a coincidence. Bitcoins are initially collected by mining the computer network that generates them. In order to do this, a massive amount of computing power is required. Legitimate companies have spent thousands of dollars on intricate networks of computers that share their processing power to mine for Bitcoins. The cyber-attack was attempting to use a victim’s computer in much the same way, using the resources of the victim’s computer in order to mine for Bitcoins. The majority of Skype users that were affected live in parts of Russia, China, Taiwan, and Italy. Part of the reason this attack was so successful, is that users are not often paying attention to their actions while online. There are some simple common sense practices that users should follow. The first thing that users should do is make sure that they have some type of security software installed on their computer. Security software will alert the user if it finds any malicious software on the computer. Another area where users tend to make a major mistake is when choosing a password for their Skype account. You should avoid using the names of pets, family, or the street on which you live. The best types of passwords are generated randomly and contain both numbers and letters. Additionally, it is a good idea to change your password every couple of months. For people that don’t like the idea of having to remember a bunch of random numbers and letters. There is plenty of software available that will generate passwords for you and then store them for easy access.

What Should I Consider While Shopping?

Many new products are launching every day and indulging people in purchasing them. Most people easily get attracted to the new offers and deals available in the market, and that's why they love to spend money on shopping. Shopping is also a favorite hobby of countless people as it helps them to have unlimited fun. The advancement of technology had also made it easier to shop for your favorite products.  Gone are the days when you used to shop products from the local market. The time has changed now because people can easily make purchases online as per their requirements. They just need to visit the top best shopping websites and search for the products they want to buy. After this, they can place the order and get the home delivery of the products within a few days.  Try to be smart while shopping  Some people are very excited to buy their favorite products, and that's why they spend money on unnecessary things. You shouldn't do the same as it may negatively affect your budget. You should always buy the essential items which you require the most. Never spend your money on things which are not suitable for you. Make sure you are giving preference to the necessary items while shopping online or from the local stores.  Never get attracted to cheaper deals  Many shoppers easily get attracted to the cheaper deals offered by the sellers. You shouldn't spend money to buy all the cheap products available in the market because it is not good for your budget. Some sellers are offering bad quality products at cheap rates with the motive of earning money. You should always give preference to the quality instead of the price of the products.  You can also use Funny shopping quotes as captions for your pictures related to shopping. It will help you to get more engagement on your posts.