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Self-help Article: How to Cultivate Positive Thinking

The Path of Personal Practice Numerous practices exist for tuning to our essential spiritual selves. Finding the best one depends upon one's personal preferences, cultural context and constitutional character. Meditation and Yoga are practices originating from the East that have universal appeal and can be adapted to any cultural climate as well as any religious context. One need not be religious to benefit from these. Atheists and agnostics can practice them as well. Those without a consciously spiritual goal may have a non-religious altruistic goal of being good, of bettering themselves. These tools to help gain control over mind and behavior are beneficial to all, regardless of their goals. For people averse to 'spiritual practice', hobbies can serve a somewhat similar purpose. Anything that quiets the mind when performed with concentration and attentiveness can become a form of meditation in action. Activities like gardening, playing a musical instrument, making crafts, going for a hike or a bike ride, etc. can produce meditative states. In the 75hard treatment, drinking of four liters of water per day will offer excellent mental health. The picking of the diet and sticking to a plan is great to meet with the desired results. The procedure should be simple and easy to get benefit to overcome from mental illness.  The Energy of Intent Cultivating patience, practice, and the strength to face our inner selves with authentic honesty requires the energy of intent. We can augment the energy of intent by focusing on a desired goal. For some, this may be a personal goal, such as getting a promotion. If one gets angry with one's boss, a promotion becomes impossible. Thus, the person will make efforts to rein in angry outbursts. The impetus for this comes from self-centered motives and has as much 'charge' as the power of personal desire. A Universal Outlook - Goals for the Greater Good When one's goals are aimed at the greater good, a more powerful charge automatically ensues. I believe there is a synergy with the universal collective consciousness. When we aim for the good of all, we are fueled by the energy of all. Aiming for personal improvement helps alter the energy of the collective consciousness by transforming our personal input. We can take this a step further and aim for improving others' input by using the power of thought on a subtle level to help them transform. Perceptions, Projections, and Practicing Patience Our personal perceptions of another person add potency to the 'thought-charge' that prompts their particular qualities. If we've known someone to have anger tendencies, we will expect that person to erupt at the slightest provocation. This expectation works on a very subtle level to invoke that same behavior. If we can alter our projection and use our mind to generate new intent, we may be pleasantly surprised at the result. A Personal Example I recall an incident that occurred about fifteen years ago in Amma's ashram (Amma is my guru, and I've lived in her ashram in India for over two decades). The Swami giving class that morning spoke about Amma's teaching on "response rather than reaction". After class, I went to the roof to meditate for an hour. As I came down the narrow flight of stairs from the meditation roof, I brushed by a French woman ascending the same staircase. Our elbows touched, and she became infuriated. Her face turned red, her eyes grew wide and fierce, her voice had a shrill pierce as she shouted at me in frenzied French for about two minutes and ended in English, saying something like, "All you peoples are crazy." My normal reaction back then might have been to feel indignant and judgmental towards her. My inner mind would have thought: Everywhere you go in India you'll have people bumping into you, even sitting on you (on crowded buses and trains, they do this often!) so why are you freaking out over such a tiny thing? I might have reacted with an impatient sigh and a sour expression. However, in this instance, my mind had become calm from meditating and, due to Amma's teaching, I succeeded in responding rather than reacting. I simply looked at her with openhearted compassion and said in a soft tone, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bump you." The effect of this response was instantaneous and amazing. Her face transformed from one of anger to one of anguish. She burst into tears and laid her head on my shoulder. After sobbing intensely for a few moments, she drew in a long breath, lifted her head, looked me in the eyes and said, 'Merci. Zank you. Pardon moi--ah, zorry. Zith time c'est tres difficile pour moi. Very difficult, les temps, for me." I hugged her. "Pas de probleme," I responded. "No problem. I understand. It's very hard here, and all our issues come to the surface. Quite a painful process - so of course we lose our cool sometimes." "Loose our cool?" Her eyebrows rose, and she looked up to the ceiling, puzzled by the American expression. "My 'eart waz clozed. Merci. Zank you for open it." She hugged me, gave a sweet, gentle smile and tapped my chest. "Bon coeur. Good heart." "Toi aussi," I whispered with tickled tone. "You too!" We gazed in each other's eyes for a few moments and the hallway filled with subtle light and soothing vibrations. My mind was silent, and I think hers was, too. We shared an experience the Buddhists call: "The meeting of two minds." It was a moment of 'zero separation'. We were no longer two strangers from different nationalities and backgrounds bumping into each other on a staircase in an Indian Ashram, but two souls merging in unconditional love beyond all time and distance. Instead of being compelled toward anger by fruits of past wounds, both of us experienced a moment of transcendence, fully in the present and the presence of supreme love. In retrospect, I feel it was not the words that helped effect this transformation, but the energy behind them--the power of attitude and expectation. Instead of judging her as angry, I understood she was in pain and responded to her pain with love. If I had reacted with anger, the two of us would have walked away with pissed-off energies that might have infected future interactions of the day. Instead, we both walked around that day with glowing heart-smiles. Responding with Love Unconditional love is the cure for all the ills of the world. Much of people's pain stems from a lack of feeling loved and from feeling misunderstood and unappreciated. What that woman needed was for someone to care about her feelings. Being bumped proved a trigger point for her inner feelings of neglect. Simply being present with an attentive heart was enough to effect a powerful transformation. When we cultivate the power of intent and use our thoughts as tools for this avenue, our attitude has the power to evoke the best in people. Seeing the good in others, rather than their faults, is a first step--one that ultimately leads to perceiving the Divine Light in all beings and reveals how the power of unconditional love can act through events. Cultivating positive thinking propels us forward on the path of emotional evolution toward the goal of enlightenment for all.

Social Networking Mistakes

Social networking sites are the new place to be for everyone. They are popping up everywhere with each new one more sophisticated than the one before. If you are using social networking sites appropriately they can be a great place to meet new people, share ideas, and of importance for us writers --a place to grow our business. There are a lot of things that you must do right to benefit from social networking sites. I don't want to focus on those points, I would like to focus on things you should never do while social networking. 1st thing you should never do while social networking is: forget to connect with others. This may sound crazy but many people create dry, boring, and uninformative profiles which lead possible "friends" too not want to connect with you and get to know you better. You of coarse don't want to give everything about yourself away, but you have to come across as a real person with a personality, likes and dislikes. Share about yourself and let a glimpse of the "real" you shine through. 2nd thing you should never do while social networking is: share private/personal information. Yes, I know in tip one I said let your true personality shine through, but you can do that without putting out too many personal details. There is a difference in listing your career, the type of pets you have, and movies you like versus things you would only share with a close friend. I'm sure you have met those people in class or a new job who open up and tell you all their business on day one. I know that I have thought too myself, they don't even know me, this is crazy. Personal details need to remain personal. A good rule of thumb is would you feel comfortable sharing this information with your boss or a new client. If not, don't share it on a social networking site. 3rd thing you should never do while social networking is: be a pushy salesperson. Remember that social networking sites were developed for the purpose of people connecting and sharing common interest. You should not be on a site, meeting someone new and pushing your business opportunity or plan within the first 2 minutes. Allow some time for you too learn about your new "buddy" and then determine if your opportunity would fit their personality. Know one likes to feel used so be sure to express some genuine interest in the other party by sharing appropriately.  In addition, privacy is also a big issue in all social networking platforms like Instagram. With just a few clicks, people can now see your profile. If you are on a private mode, people would still be able to see your page by availing services from So there you have it. Don't share too much or too little or be too pushy and you should be a social networking star. Remember have fun, share interest, and make contacts with likeminded individuals who share your passions.

Ruta Maya Coffee International Headquarters In Austin, Tx

Austin Texas is still flowing with the old hippie vibe, everywhere from the University of Texas area to the local weekly drum circles but one place stands out from the rest, Ruta Maya International Headquarters. Ruta Maya itself is diverse and fun for all ages. Holding a bar, coffee house with amazing เครื่องบดกาแฟ อุปกรณ์ กาแฟ, library, a stage for live shows, and a cigar shop in the back it really has something for everyone. If you want yoga, open mic night, poetry, live bands, great coffee, good brew, a new book or just to meet interesting people Ruta Maya International Headquarters is the best place in Austin. When I say fun for all ages I mean fun for all, not only is Ruta Maya great for adults but kids also. Many early mornings are family/kid/yoga oriented events and every Sunday they hold a Ruta Maya Kids Show where families get together and enjoy each other and environment. The kids also have their own "playpen" area with toys and books already waiting for them to play with. Open mic night brings out some of Austin's best poets and musicians every Tuesday night for everyone to enjoy, be careful because the open mic is unedited and can get pretty raw, it is not a night for kids. Along with the poets and musicians some of Austin's most diverse people show up at this night also, you get a real feel of how Austin used to be and where it is going in the future. If dancing is your thing every Monday is salsa night and they give free lessons !! Coffee wise Ruta Maya can't be beaten, tho it is not cheap you can taste instantly where your money goes. The coffee is grown/packaged by Ruta Maya and is also 100% Organic. Ruta Maya packages their coffee right in the coffee shop which can make a very pleasing aroma and atmosphere within itself. Most local bars, clubs, and other small coffee houses in the Austin area brew Ruta Maya Coffee and for good reason, it's the best. Food is also great at Ruta's, most of it comes from local organic farmers and sandwich makers they have nachos and salsa, locally made sandwiches and sandwich wraps, cookies, brownies, fudge, bagels, cinnamon rolls and many other pastries almost all are made and packaged locally. They have a nice selection for Vegetarians and Vegans too !!! Staff wise the Ruta Maya crew is a far cry above the rest, always welcoming you with a smiling face and open arms Ruta Maya is a hodgepodge of different personalities and people. Even tho all the staff is widely different and diverse they all have one main goal, to make the best coffee and atmosphere in any Austin coffee house and do it well. They are one of the few coffee houses in Austin which give free wifi all day every day, most other coffee houses require a purchase every hour to stay on their wifi network, Ruta Maya doesn't. Open mic night and day's Ruta Maya is always free and no door cover, some nights the shows do have a cover but most of the time is 5 $ or less. Even if your to broke to enter the show Ruta Maya's patio area is always free and you can still hear the show. Almost all covers start at 7 PM or later.

First Person: Gift Styles Of The Rich And Famous

*Note: This was written by a Yahoo! contributor. Sign up with the Yahoo! Contributor Network to start publishing your own finance articles. What do celebrities give and get at the holidays? The answers vary widely. Some celebrities, like the Beckhams, exchange expensive gifts. David Beckham impressed his wife Victoria with a 1.2 million pound necklace. Apparently politicians have far less impressive requirements. One of Barack Obama's favorite Christmas gifts was a simple 10-speed bike. The first lady favored a simple dollhouse as a girl at Christmas. This trend is shared by many politicians who continue to give "common man" presents. It makes sense not to lavish wealth as a representative of the people. It would be disrespectful in a time when so many people don't have the basics to survive. Some stars are not without humor, though. Nicole Richie once gave Paris Hilton a rat for Christmas. So it is true what we said in the beginning: celebrity tastes vary like the weather. Britney Spears snapped up By Francine dresses, which regularly go for more than $300 dollars, for relatives. These are a great value for a woman who reportedly makes $300,000 dollars a month. But the sense of humor and thrift doesn't end there. Kelsey Grammar once gave his wife Camille wastepaper baskets and Julia Stiles once gave her family salad dressing. In her defense, it was probably really good dressing. Matthew McConaughey once purchased high quality kitchen knives because he deeply appreciates his own kitchen knife. But not all celebrity Christmas gifts are not gags or pricey monstrosities. Some gifts are intimate and personal. Rosie O'Donnell likes to give pajamas and watch Christmas videos. Queen Latifah also prefers the personal gift of time, like tree-trimming and sharing eggnog. Personal and intimate gifts don't require multi-million dollar bank accounts. Time with your children and family create the memories we treasure as we grow older. So of all the high-end gifts that most of us can't afford pale in comparison to the simple and unique gift of love. In researching and writing about these star gifts from, Rosie and Queen Latifah really impressed me. Virtually every family in America can afford to purchase some pajamas and watch videos with their kids. Eggnog is just about $2 for a half gallon. In this respect, I think that people are all the same. Love is the greatest gift you can get for Christmas and it doesn't cost a dime. After all, the Christmas is all about loving and giving. It is the season of the year where we need to express our love and compassion to one another.

What are the tips to extend the life of your car and its parts?

No one wants their car to die before time, and if you are one of them, then this might be the perfect article for you. Car is the perfect and convenience mode of transport, and you should take care of it if you want it to run smoothly for a longer duration.  Visit and get to know about essential tips. Maintenance is the first thing you should keep in mind if you want to keep it running.  Here are some of the tips you can follow for more help  There are plenty of them actually so essential ones are enough to follow in order to take care of your car. 
  • Change the oil-
Oil is present inside the engine, which is responsible for making it run smoother than ever. Oil also gets consumed or get expired after some months, so this is the first tip about the oil. Get it changed and go for the best brand oil for more power and a better life.
  • Keep up fluid changes-
Different fluids are being used like in the brakes, power steering radiator coolant, transmission fluid, and much more. If you want to keep these parts running, then make sure to change the fluids on time.
  • Swap the filters-
There is a filter present in the engine which helps in keeping dust and the dirt out of your car. After some time, it might get dirty or ruined, so make sure you change them from time to time if you do not want your engine to get destroyed.
  • Check out the tires-
Keep checking out the tires if you want to save them from getting destroyed. Check the air pressure because it might become the reason for ruining your car tires.

Make Money Ghost Writing Articles Online

This second installment to SEO hero will be less scattered, more focused, and clear. I will offer a few rules on the profitable field of ghostwriting along with these FKC Concept Evergreen Wealth Formula reviews to help you with your online money-making schemes, where people pay you, sometimes what you want, sometimes what they want, good money for writing articles for them. So what is ghostwriting? Another SEO field for heroes from around the world. Definition: By definition, the ghostwriter doesn't get any credit for writing the piece. Someone buys it ... they own it. They more often than not put their name to the piece. This usually means it can be lucrative because without credit it would seem you got paid more. After all, getting published anywhere, online or in print, means something, especially on the resume. So why won't they pay you what you want? Competition: There are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of freelance writers who simply need more work than they have. Maybe this is you, which means you're one of many. The law of competition says, the more sellers in the market, the cheaper the produce. However, there are quite a few ghostwriters who lack the business sense to query ... or don't like writing ... or don't put enough time into it. There are also the dreaded talented writers with day jobs who just want some extra money, and $15 an article seems fine to them. What? $15? Yes, it sounds bad, but think about it like I did when I offered cheap ghostwriting services. It takes me one hour to write, I get paid $15, bam, $15/hour. That's pay many online writers would love to have. The problem? Quality. Quality: Some pieces will simply need several hours of work ... or an expert on the field ... and demand more pay. The quality for many of these writers will go down, almost always, because it's not worth it to them. However, and I don't mean to rush away from this very important point, you need volume as well. Before I get to volume, there are reasons to keep your ghostwriting high quality even for low pay. It may lead to extra work from the same company, and maybe you can ask for higher rates after. I've done it, and often it worked. Now, the good news. Volume: Now, getting one small assignment for one article for the small sum of $15 may seem bad. I offered the benefits, but not all. You can also, and should, get testimonials from your clients. This means others will see you with experience. Bigger than that, you may get a bigger assignment the second time. One example I have isn't from a ghostwriting assignment, as the articles were published with my name. However, the company owned all rights and only paid me $15. They offered me the chance to write 10 articles, a total net of $150. I took it. They liked the articles. They offered me another assignment, this time 20 articles for $300. I took it. That's the promise of demand. The volume is where the true money is, especially in the beginning. You don't want a few articles of 500 words a week. You want 10-20, minimum. But, you want more pay? You should! More Pay: With positive testimonials and by working with more companies, the next benefit is to charge higher. However, some companies have set prices. Yet some will work with you. Asking for more pay is far from hard; a simple email, an offer, a thank you. They don't want to pay it? Make a decision. You may want to start branching out to other companies, looking for the $30 an article or even better $100 for a ghostwritten article. Some ghostwriters get paid in the thousands. I don't have experience there, but I do in branching out. It led to my pay doubling, sometimes tripling. But I kept the work with the lower-paying companies going ... perhaps not with the same quality, but good enough.

When Losing Weight is Your New Year’s Resolution, Are You Doomed to Failure?

Just because you have failed in the past, and you may have been overweight for a long time, does not necessarily mean you are doomed to failure. Whether you just want to eat healthier foods like keto snacks Walmart, lose a few pounds, or are in need of a total eating transformation, you plan ahead and commit yourself and you can achieve your losing weight new year’s resolution. First, you need to set yourself down and get real. You are never going to lose 100 lbs in one month, well at least not without surgery. You are never going to stay with 1500 calories every day or eat the same type of food every day without cheating. These are unrealistic goals to set on yourself and doom you to failure before you begin. Instead, find a program that fits your life and lifestyle. For example, I am busy but I also am a planner. I have to be that way with 6 kids in the mix. So I found that calorie shifting worked the best for me. To me, it was the best of both worlds. I had to get healthier because day 1-10 depends on you eating the right foods, but with a limited supply. This helped me learn discipline but since I had a wide variety I never got bored. The availability to have 2 cheat days, appealed to my self-indulgent side while making me maintain discipline. As you see I found a program that stayed with my individual side while still giving me the results I wanted. Next, I set reasonable goals. At first, my goals were just to stay with the program through one cycle. Once I achieved that and lost a few pounds to boot, I went after week two but upped the ante a little, trying to find foods that were not only low in calories for my shifting but also had health benefits. I eventually, earned the confidence to set fitness goals, again staying small and eventually making them into bigger and bigger goals. The main point of this is not to sabotage yourself. The less confidence you have, the smaller the starting goals you should have. If you are really out of confidence like I was you may want to go day by day or week by week. Either way, small goals are still goals and should be looked upon as just as important if not more. Every little goal you accomplish is a victory. Eventually, with enough victories behind you, you will look back with loads of confidence and know that you are that much closer to your losing weight New Year's resolution.

How to Buy the Perfect Handbag

A handbag is an indispensable accessory for modern women. Besides the obvious functionality, it augments their elegance and style and changes the way they carry themselves. Hence it is a treat to own and gift today's trendy handbags. We present you a few tips and tricks that will help you buy a perfect handbag. Our tips will equally benefit all the segments of the market - the high end and frequent buyer to the low end seasonal buyer or any combination of these two. Your handbag is more like your garments in the sense that the purchase process for the both is incomplete and mistaken if the body structure is ignored at all. So when you are trying to buy a perfect handbag, you should pay special attention to the body structure the handbag will go with. A delicate, cute, and tiny purse or handbag will greatly enhance the image of a petite woman. However, it will make a complete mockery of taller consumers. Beauty is the second name of proportion. Our face looks beautiful because there are correct proportions kept by the nature. Same is true when you buy a perfect handbag. You must keep the proportions well in sight to make the right decision. As a general rule, the gaze of the viewers is caught where you handbag hangs. So it is best to check the height of the handbag to right body level when you buy a perfect handbag. This way you can ensure that you are not sporting a small handbag for a taller frame of body and an over-sized one for a shorter and leaner body. How to purchase the best handbag for a gift? A visit can be made at site to gather the information and purchase the product. The charges of the product should be charged according to the prints and designs available on them to look attractive.  Be pragmatic when you are out to buy a perfect handbag. Keep the intended use of the handbag in mind. If the use is intensive, it is better to choose the handbag with large number of pockets so that every item and all the items are easily storable and retrievable. If you have to carry limited number of items, it is best to settle for a smaller and more practical handbag. Ignoring your usage when you buy a perfect handbag can land you into trouble and clutter. Quality is another important consideration when you are out to buy a perfect handbag. Looks are equally important but without the quality, your handbag will be prone to visible bulge, flops, and sags. A quality material handbag is likely to be durable and hence, you will save valuable money by having lower replacement costs. After the quality, you need to determine the quantity you prefer to have when you buy a perfect handbag. If you need several handbags to blend with your ever-changing style, you should go for lively and funky colors, style, material, and design. On the other, choosing neutral colors that blend perfectly with any attire and material that supports lasting usage is very helpful if you prefer to keep a limited stock of handbags and purses. An effort to buy a perfect handbag is a rich and rewarding experience beyond the realms of personal preferences. A little homework will go a long way when you are out there to buy a perfect handbag. Not only it will make your experience delightful, it will help you avoid trouble and getting burnt in the process.

Social Networking Websites Could Be Fueling Teenage Eating Disorders

Social blogging websites such as Tumblr are a convenient way to connect and share ideas. Users are able to search for tag words and "follow" blogs that generate content of interest. A new trend has emerged in this blogosphere and it is a scary one. Young women (and men) have created blogs with the sole purpose of promoting eating disorders. These blogs, known as "thinspo" blogs, exists in the thousands on these websites. I (a 19-year-old female) decided to go undercover as a "thinspo girl" to witness the extremes that these bloggers go to. I created a Tumblr profile. I did not offer any personal information or a description of myself. I simply started with a blank profile and for my avatar I used a picture of supermodel Miranda Kerr. I began to search certain buzz words in order to find blogs to follow. My first search was simply the word "skinny." The hits were mainly pictures of thin models and celebrities, nothing was overly shocking. Each picture had a "re-blog" option which allowed me to post the picture on my own blog. I began to do this so that my blog would have the appropriate content in order to attract followers. I also began to "follow" the blogs that were posting pictures with tags such as "skinny, thin, dieting, etc." until I was following about 200 blogs. When you buy active Instagram followers, then there will be an increase in the sale of the products. The promotion of the products will be effective to avail potential benefits. The quality of the pictures will be superior for increasing the engagement of the person.  I had not seen anything terribly shocking yet, but I did notice something about the "thinspo" blogging world that was very different from my own personal non-thinspo blog. I was gaining a lot of followers with little effort. For every picture of a thin girl in a bikini that I posted, my number of followers was rising rapidly. These bloggers were hungry for pictures of skinny girls filling up their homepages, they weren't concerned about original content. This process took all of two hours. My blog was up and active and my homepage or "dashboard" as Tumblr calls it was full of skinny models and celebrities. When posting a photo, there is an option to assign "tags." A tag is basically a single word or a few words that describe the picture or post. As I followed more and more blogs, I noticed a new category of tags well beyond skinny, thin, and dieting. These tags were more vicious and sickening. They were words such as anorexia, thinspiration, pro-ana, and pro-bulimia. I was shocked and intrigued. I clicked on the pro-ana tag and was taken to a whole new level of dieting. The posts were pictures of stick thin girls grabbing their stomachs with visible ribs and collar bones. Worse than the pictures were the personal posts. Girls were posting daily calorie intakes of 400 calories or less. There were titles such as "I binged and ate 800 calories of fruit today, I am such a failure." Girls were offering to be "fasting buddies" and constantly text and write encouraging one another not to eat. New fad diets have also emerged within the site. One that I noticed frequently blogged about was The ABC Diet. In this case, ABC stands for Anorexia Boot Camp. The diet is a 50-day plan that assigns a set calorie amount to each day. Most days the calorie amount is under 500, sometimes less, sometimes nothing. These teenagers are pushing themselves and each other to extreme limits to lose weight. Within the 5 hour window that my blog was created and deleted, I received messages about fasting and goal weights well below a healthy BMI. It was overwhelming how quickly I was targeted without even offering personal information. Tumblr has updated their policy regarding these blogs threatening to remove the ones that promote eating disorders and self harm. This is a step in the right direction, however the massive amount of these blogs makes it difficult for the website to demolish every one. The world of eating disorders is a peer pressure tornado and parents need to take notice of how their teenagers are spending their time online. Even those with solid self esteem can be effected by the constant belittling of these extremist bloggers.

How to Create a Java Script Calendar for Web Pages

The good thing about many JavaScript applications is that the website owner need not be a high-level expert to use the typical JavaScript codes. For example, any website owner can incorporate a Java Script calendar into any web page by simply copying and pasting a free JavaScript calendar code into the HTML of the web page. Although many sites may sell various calendar scripts, JavaScript Kit provides a free and useful JS calendar script for use on any website. You don’t have to go looking for website builder reviews because Java already does it for you. Web owners simply copy and paste the calendar script into any web page to incorporate a Java Script calendar into web pages. Step 1: Visit the JavaScript Kit web page that has the "Any Month" calendar (see Sources). This cool JavaScript calender allows the user to select any month from any year to display the dates and days of the week for that particular month. The benefits of such a calendar are as follows: 1) people looking up days of the week for future plans find it more useful than a Java Script calendar that shows only one month or a few months; and 2) this calendar takes up a very small space because the actual display simply changes to the new month (it requires no extra space to display a new month). Step 2: Access the HTML for the page where you would like to place the JS calendar. Find the place on the page where you would like the calendar to appear. Note: For those just starting out, the way you access the HTML of a web page depends on what programs or tools you are using. HTML editors allow you to access the HTML, whether they be expensive editors Dreamweaver or free ones like NVU. Also, if your hosting account has cPanel, you can access the HTML by clicking on "File Manager," finding the web page in your files, selecting the web page and then clicking on "Edit" or "Code Editor." Step 3: Place the first piece of JavaScript code in the "head" section of the HTML. The "head" section starts with "" and ends with the "" tag. Put that first piece of code in between those beginning and ending "head" tags. Step 4: Put the next piece of code for the JavaScript calendar (from the JavaScript Kit page) in the "body" section. This section is the part that generally shows up to the web page visitor in a browser. It begins with "" and ends with the "" tag. Put the code where you would like the calendar to show up in relation to the rest of the visible part of the page. In other words, you could place the calendar just below the title, at the bottom of the page or anywhere else on the page. It all depends on where inside the "body" section you place the second piece of code. Step 5: The last step is to actually change the beginning "body" tag. Follow the third step on the JavaScript Kit page to change the beginning body tag. Once you complete all of these steps and save the changes to the web page, your Java Script calendar will appear on the web page when you visit the page on the Internet. Note that you might or might not see JavaScript functions in an editor. Always check in an actual browser to see if the calendar appears.