The website of share Pro works by the interaction between musicians and tastemakers. The idea is to make aspiring musical artists and singers reach their target audience by providing them feedback on their songs and radio submissions and making suggestions for improvement.  As much as it is easy to submit songs, it is far easier to get views and shares.  However, there are a few basic things that you must know about the tastemakers before signing up.  The next section of this article will answer some of your queries about tastemakers and share Pro that will help you to understand the concept better.

Communicating with the tastemaker

The most common question of song submitters is that whether they can directly message the tastemaker if they don’t get a reply or not.  The thing is, the tastemakers are on a slightly higher level of authority than songs submitters on the website.  The main reason behind this is there being successful in the industry and having a name already established in music.  That is why once you submit the song, it depends upon the tastemaker whether they want to have direct communication with you or not.   Sometimes the tastemaker may not like or share your song but still communicate with you directly depending upon your profile and record.  You will get notified whenever any such communication happens.

Getting an offensive feedback

When you get feedback that does not match the right levels of decency and integrity, and if it makes you feel humiliated, you can open a dispute against the tastemaker. Within 72 hours, the tastemaker will require the tastemaker is required to reply, and in case they don’t, all your credits will be refunded directly into your account. You can also have a conversation with the tastemaker to get the issue sorted. If this is the case, then you can forgive them and finally mark the dispute as resolved.

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