Marijuana possession can lead to serious and adverse consequences. This is a criminal offense governed by the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. You do not even have to own the drug.

If you are found to carry marijuana in your room, bags or vehicle, this means that you can be charged for the crime. However, in the United States, 15 states allow legalizing medical cannabis and 12 others do not consider small amounts as criminal acts. The information about the consequences of the disposable cbd vape pen is provided to the individual. The information about the criminal acts is offered to the people with the purchase of the vape pen. The chronic pain is removed from the body to have the desired results. 

There are various possibilities for persons who get caught carrying or smoking this prohibited drug. Possession can be regarded as Class A offense or Class C misdemeanor. It depends on the individual’s past criminal background and whether or not the drug is meant for other reasons than personal use. Anyone who has previous convictions can be considered as second or first degree transgressions.

Under existing federal marijuana laws, punishment for misdemeanor and felony possession includes the following:

  • Maximum sentence of one year imprisonment and penalty of $2,000 up to $5,000
  • Suspension of professional driver’s license for a total of three months
  • Prison term can actually go up to ten years from one year and one day if it is considered a felony

H3: Probation for Misdemeanor

United States marijuana law stipulates that probation may be enforced for misdemeanor cases. This may have severe repercussions especially for students and those who are looking for permanent and temporary jobs. Once you are on probation, there are factors to contend with such as reporting to the probation officer on a regular basis and random drug testing. You also have to shoulder costs which may be difficult to sustain without a permanent source of income. Employers usually ask for criminal background checks and marijuana possession can be damaging to your employment application. Worse, it may be considered drug-trafficking if the volume that you carry is quite substantial.

Severe Consequences of Possession

There can be grave consequences in terms of immigration particularly if one is not a citizen of the United States. You have to go through lengthy procedures and will need the services of an immigration attorney. This can be very expensive and time-consuming. Courts also have the power to compel you to submit to a drug and alcohol evaluation test as part of your condition for probation. Pot laws state that recreational users of marijuana can be obliged to participate in a 12-step program ordered by a court which will take up to six months. This comes with urinalysis tests.

Students, who receive federal grants and are convicted of marijuana possession, will lose his or her eligibility for financial assistance. This can only be recalled if the student is willing to go into rehabilitation. Some states with marijuana laws such as Washington have authoritarian sentencing policies for ownership of small amounts of cannabis. You can get a minimum punishment of 24 hours in a detention center and $250 fine for getting a conviction. At the same time, a guilty verdict can make a person ineligible for subsidized housing grants coming from the federal government.

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