Learning how to get back a girlfriend is a far more satisfying feeling than the feelings of rejection and loneliness you feel after a break up. In your despair, you need to decide whether you want to work hard to get back a girlfriend, or walk away lonely or angry.

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Knowing that you want to get back a girlfriend back is not enough. Sitting thinking about it, rehearsing lines in your head or dreaming or what might have been will never cut it. Instead of sulking endlessly and wasting all your time thinking about what went wrong, perhaps it is time to be a man and take the initiative to get back a girlfriend. Show her what you are made of and have her back in your arms once again with these six proven techniques.

Get Back a Girlfriend By Reaching Out

First and foremost, try to bridge the gap and reach out to her. To do this, you will have to talk about your feelings or the things that concern you both. If your previous relationship had the woman doing most of the talking, it’s high time you started talking too, because if you want to get back a girlfriend, the key is to keep the lines of communication open. You can start by sending an e-mail, text message, or calling her. The world today emphasizes the importance of communication more than ever before so if you really want to get back a girlfriend, you need to contact her. She might find it very romantic if you sent her roses with a card or note that talks about your feelings for her. It may sound cheesy to some (and to you), but these gestures are greatly appreciate by your girl, but if you are serious about your desire to get back a girlfriend, it is worth taking the chance of being slightly cheesy!

Get Back a Girlfriend By Remembering What’s Important

If you want to get back a girlfriend, you need to remember what’s important: not to you, to her! Don’t forget the important numbers, whether that’s her telephone number or her father’s birthday. Women place a great deal of significance on dates and numbers that have deep meaning to her. If you forgot her birthday before, surprise her with your memory for her next birthday. If you cannot remember the day you two officially became a couple, ask your friends or even her friends to figure it out. Giving importance to the things that are representations of your relationship means giving value to the special link between the two of you. If you master all the dates and numbers pertinent to your relationship, you just might get back a girlfriend rather than drive her away.

Get Back a Girlfriend By Not Smothering Her

And for Heaven’s sake, do not scare her way by becoming a stalker! Communication is good, but hounding her with phone calls is no way to get back a girlfriend. You might find that they disturb her or freak her out and cause her to consider your actions as hopeless or creepy instead of sincere. Instead of potentially scaring her away, spend your time improving yourself. Never mind the reason for the break-up or the party that started the argument, they were uncontrollable reasons. What’s done is done. Rely upon the positive things the two of you share and strengthen the commonalities that made you fall in love with each other in the first place. Ignore the things that are detrimental to your relationship. An item or subject or past memory that often leads to an argument when it’s brought up is not worth the effort, and will not help you get back a girlfriend. Get rid of it or forget about it.

The most important thing you can do is to remain positive if you truly want to get back a girlfriend. Optimism can go a long way. If you believe that everything will be alright, then there is a good chance it could be and in the end, if the relationship is not able to be salvaged, try to identify and learn from your mistakes.

Getting a girlfriend to come back and commit again may be hard, but it is possible. There are many ways to accomplish this, but the right approach is personalized and unique to you and your ex-girlfriend and your situation. Above all, don’t give in to despair but decide that you will do whatever it takes, learn whatever is required and be whatever you need to be to work hard get back a girlfriend you thought you had lost.

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