Santorini is an island located in Greece that is located in the Aegean Sea. This is considered as the best holiday spot by most of couples and family members. Santorini is a place that is directly connected to Athens. If a person wants to travel from Athens to Santorini, then one can travel through the flights, and it will take approximately one hour to complete the journey.

More about the Santorini Island

  • This is a famous island with a length of approximately 16 km, and the width of the island is about 1 to 5 km. So if we talk about the population of this island, then it is about 15500.

  • Though there is no specific time to visit this place as the view is so beautiful that it is always worth visiting this place. But if we talk about the best time, then it is from June to September as this is the best time for visitors to do the swimming, enjoying and making a memory.
  • There are a variety of hotels that are available in the place, out of which you have to select the one that is providing good services at an affordable rate. So if you wish to get the cheap santorini hotels, then just make sure that you go for the booing in advance only.

  • If we talk about the places to visit on the island, then there are enormous options available for people. You can even hire a person of that place who will provide you with the complete guidance regarding the places tourists must visit once he reaches Santorini.
  • Having your own vehicle at this kind of place is a good option. Still, it is not necessary to have it as they provide local bust services to the visitors that are not only comfortable but also available at an affordable rate.

Hopefully, it is quite clear that visiting Santorini is a good option for the tourists for their weekends.

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