Considering the toxic environment we are living in, one needs to take extra care of one’s health; especially that of intimate health. For women, it is of utmost importance to take care of private areas such as the vagina. This is where the feminine wash steps in. 

What is a feminine wash?

It is liquid that is a lot more gentle than regular soap and is engineered to keep the vagina of the woman clean and healthy. It helps to keep the toxic elements way and keep the pH level normal. It contains natural ingredients and has a soothing fragrance. Some of them have hypo-allergenic ingredients for those who have extremely delicate skin over there.

Here are some of the best feminine wash available in the market. Dig in sisters!

  • SweetSpot Labs Natural:

It has gentle pH and is recommended by gynaec and dermatologists across the world. It can be used daily in the shower and is free from gluten. It is cruelty-free and is 97% natural. It is not scented and keeps one fresh for hours.

  • The Honey Pot Company Normal Wash:

It is gentle and is hundred per cent natural. It is approved by gynaecologists and does not cause itching or any other uncomfortable sensation. It is eco-friendly and is cruelty-free.

  • Lemisol Plus Gentle Daily Cleanser:

Available in seen sizes, it is hypoallergenic and has a balanced pH level. It is compact and has the scent of mint and the fragrance lasts for several hours. One will feel the warmth while applying the wash. It is gentle on skin and tough on the calluses and bacteria.

Thus, this product understands the sweat glands that exist in the private parts and therefore keeps one fresh no matter whether one is doing a heavy workout or running errands. It is perfect for those who perspire excessively. You can get the best feminine wash from various online sites as well. 


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