The relevance of business at the opening entertainment of the karting club is justified by the fact that the niche in many cities of Russia is not busy, and the demand for racing is constantly growing in connection with the popular sport of karting, including the championship “Formula-1”.

Entertainment center karting (karting) is equipped with special cars without the body (cards) race track as active rest.

Karting clubs are of two types: sports and entertainment. There are also indoor and outdoor go-kart tracks. Indoor karting club operates throughout the year, while outdoor is more profitable in summer but not working in the winter.

Organization of karting business (seasonal option)

Brief instruction for running the business while the detailed version can be accessed through

Registration activities, the choice of forms of taxation. The optimal legal form of doing business is to form a sole proprietorship, and the tax system it would be correct to choose patent epistemological accounting. Advice from Factory Moneymaker: in order to save on bookkeeping will be advantageous to conduct it yourself with the help of Internet service “My business”. The selection of a suitable site. To open the karting club, you need a suitable plot of land. The basic conditions for the selection of a site are its size (size does matter) and good transport accessibility (go-kart track can be opened in an industrial part of town if it’s no problem to reach with public transport).

Repairs and preparation of track. To create a route, you must prepare the UPS and downs, to find the right angles and turns, and provide a direct platform for overclocking. The design is currently being created in specialized programs 3D graphics. Coverage for the road should be paved. To tires and other parts of the map wore out slower, the quality of the coating should be smooth and without cracks. The edges of the track are equipped with old tires and other materials, softening the blows. Buying a kart and equipment.

To start a business enough to have 6 cars. It is preferable to have different models but note that races may need the backup car. Thus, it is recommended to have 3 cars, 2 for each grade. The best maps are considered to be the Western model, but in Russia, there are also enterprises producing cars for karting. Domestic cars are cheaper, but wear out faster. This fact must be considered when a business organization. Optimally also have some children’s cars. Additional equipment emits the flags, traffic lights, truck, and scoreboard. The rest is additional equipment to buy more if necessary.

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