Are you ready to convert more sales or, die a slow email marketing death? Hopefully the former, but if not, no worries because here is your guide to the new Google grid promotion tab tips, strategies, and information. Along with this guide, you can refer to this Entre Institute review as well. Both these resources will be more than enough for your visual marketing needs.

From Pinterest to Facebook and onto Google Plus, the visual web is starting to take shape. And today we have the advantage to take over how the brain processes information for our marketing needs. It’s true, the brain processes visual images 60x faster than text (words), and when it comes to email marketing, ooh-la-la!

So, let’s take a look at how to take advantage of this new Google Email tool that is sure to help you convert more sales, starting today!

Visual Marketing Just Met Its Soul Mate!

We are visual, and while it can be our worst enemy sometimes, for the most part, the windows to the soul serve us pretty well. In today’s marketplace online, it can serve us even better when it comes to content marketing and, email marketing.

Looks interesting, does it not? Like a page out of Pinterest itself, Google has changed the game of email marketing.

Where a good headline mattered, today’s savvy email marketing campaigns need to start thinking IMAGERY.

So Long Text Emails?

No, this is hardly the point, text-based emails are here to stay. But, text-based emails will now have some new walls to scale with the likes of the new Gmail Promotion Tab.

So, let’s look at some simple and effective ways to take advantage of this new delivery platform and, how to do it while everyone else in your industry tries to catch up…

  1. Don’t Just Pick Any Image.

It has been a practice for some time now to use the imagery in emails, at least for the smarter marketer and business owner. However, these images usually did not have anything to do whatsoever with the link many were sending people to. Many marketers used simple to get, commonly used pics everyone else used to try and spice up their open rates.

I say this; use your images wisely, keep the image in the email the same image they will see upon arrival at the destination page. There is something to be said about how we humans love constants in our lives, even when it comes to perusing the web and our personal email accounts.

Get some simple software that allows you to spice up the image a bit more. Nothing could be better than a call to action itself on the image or, simply editing the look and feel just enough to add a little more splash to it could help. And, those who are sending a little selly-sell from time to time, “tell them what they are getting Bob!”

Add some text for that 20% off today, just keep it simple without overdoing and taking away from letting the image do what it is intended to do, and that is to grab that attention and convert the click through.

  1. Lego My Logo!

Logos, company, or personal branding it does not matter, they are important here. Looking at the bottom right-hand corner of a typical advert within the new grid layout, you will see that there is in fact a logo on all promotional emails, even if you do not have one.

Yes, Google will take the first letter of the name of the company or person sending the email and stick it there. I think either way this is fine, but, using and having a logo would not be a bad idea to use if you can get one created.

  1. Thinking Outside The Frame.

Like I briefly eluded to in the first tip-up top, don’t be typical. Here at Solo Pine Marketing, we love to think a little outside the framework when it comes to choosing imagery for posts, thumbnails and, our email marketing campaigns. We also get a huge response from them.

Two of us are from the Pacific Northwest, as you can tell, and we seem to use a little more nature-based imagery. the other two use and have their own unique flare too, and you can see that within our blog. Imagery is not the guy with money in his hand or, the lady with the headset on, it is what speaks to you and, how it connects you to the content (message) you are sending your subscriber to through the email itself.

Notice I said YOU? Yes, you are the creator of the content. Some believe that marketing has not changed, this is simply not true at all. Today we have to connect in a personal level to a point, and nothing beats a good image to connect with first, it always works.

  1. Titles Still Matter.

Notice right smack in the middle of a tab? Yeah, that’s a title. The text still has its place and, a great headline is now even more prominent if you ask me personally.

Where we had to bold and get crazy with all the others all up and down an inbox, today, it just needs to be punchy and to the point. See, the image will and should keep them there long enough to take a second to get the headline sunk in…job accomplished!

A great image can save the day, but even a bad copy can ruin it just as quickly.

Getting Pinny, Getting To The Point

For the smarter marketer or, the smarter business owner who hired the right agency, this is truly a blessing. Gmail has gone and made it even easier for real promotions backed by meaning to shine and see the light of day.

Today, everyone has a chance at a new start with old campaigns and, the chance to start off on the right foot with new ones.

Remember, this is all about visual marketing and killer copy that takes them the rest of the journey.

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