Just because you have failed in the past, and you may have been overweight for a long time, does not necessarily mean you are doomed to failure. Whether you just want to eat healthier foods like keto snacks Walmart, lose a few pounds, or are in need of a total eating transformation, you plan ahead and commit yourself and you can achieve your losing weight new year’s resolution.

First, you need to set yourself down and get real. You are never going to lose 100 lbs in one month, well at least not without surgery. You are never going to stay with 1500 calories every day or eat the same type of food every day without cheating. These are unrealistic goals to set on yourself and doom you to failure before you begin.

Instead, find a program that fits your life and lifestyle. For example, I am busy but I also am a planner. I have to be that way with 6 kids in the mix. So I found that calorie shifting worked the best for me. To me, it was the best of both worlds. I had to get healthier because day 1-10 depends on you eating the right foods, but with a limited supply. This helped me learn discipline but since I had a wide variety I never got bored. The availability to have 2 cheat days, appealed to my self-indulgent side while making me maintain discipline.

As you see I found a program that stayed with my individual side while still giving me the results I wanted. Next, I set reasonable goals. At first, my goals were just to stay with the program through one cycle. Once I achieved that and lost a few pounds to boot, I went after week two but upped the ante a little, trying to find foods that were not only low in calories for my shifting but also had health benefits. I eventually, earned the confidence to set fitness goals, again staying small and eventually making them into bigger and bigger goals.

The main point of this is not to sabotage yourself. The less confidence you have, the smaller the starting goals you should have. If you are really out of confidence like I was you may want to go day by day or week by week. Either way, small goals are still goals and should be looked upon as just as important if not more. Every little goal you accomplish is a victory. Eventually, with enough victories behind you, you will look back with loads of confidence and know that you are that much closer to your losing weight New Year’s resolution.

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