That time of year is coming around again. I mean of course, Christmas time and everyone is probably wondering what to get for their family friends. Below I have listed the top 5 gifts to get for their family and friends who happen to be swimmers. A link will be provided to the students of the classes. They will be advised to Click here for adult coaching of the swimming. The material will be beneficial for the person. 

  • Swim Cap

This item can range between $9-15. It is important for any swimmer to own because it reduces drag in the water and protects hair from harsh chemicals in the water. This item can be found at most sports stores. Swim caps come in different colors, and sizes. Some are designed specifically for short and long hair. They are made up of different materials from Lycra to latex. They can sometimes be a hassle to put on, and the latex ones have a history of pulling out hair. It is best to choose a Lycra or silicone one to prevent hair breakage.

  • Goggles

The price for this item ranges from $8- 40. Swim goggles protect your eyes from chemicals in the water and just about anything else that could harm your eyes. They are pretty easy to use once one gets over the suction feeling on your face to keep water out of eyes. There are all types of colors and shapes and there are many new models out now that put a big emphasis on comfort since the cheap ones can be quite uncomfortable.

  • Swim Suit

Prices can range from $8- 200. It is the uniform of a swimmer, and therefore very important. The proper swimsuit could impact speed and still be stylish. For serious swimmers it is best to choose the athletic one piece since this will help increase speed. For the leisure swimmer, it is probably best to get a more style inclined suit such as a bikini.

  • Underwater Watch

The price ranges from $9-100. This is a great item to own since it means you don’t have to take off your watch while swimming and won’t have to worry about it becoming damaged. This gift is great for speed swimmers who happen to lose track of time during their laps. They come in different sizes and some even incorporate a stop watch which is ideal for speed swimmers.

  • Underwater Mp3 Player

The price ranges from $30-135 for this item. This is the perfect gift for athletic swimmers who spend a lot of time in the water as well as the recreational swimmers who just love listening to their Ipod, but can’t when it comes time to swim. The most expensive one is the finis swimmp3 v.2. What this item does is transfer sound vibrations from the cheekbone to the inner ear so that one can hear even in the water without having to deal with headphones, clips, or volume. This proves to be the perfect gift for any swimmer.

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