Conferences were & are an essential part of the business world to broaden the network and learn from elite people of the industry. Nowadays, when the methodology of conferences is changing to virtual conferences it is important to embrace this change to get the best out of it. After all, as the saying goes, the best way to get along with change is to embrace it. So, how will you get through this change and enjoy it? Worry not, in this article we have presented some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when you attend a virtual conference.

Tips to keep in mind and follow when you attend a virtual conference

Learn about the tools and the event hub

The virtual conferences are held on virtual conference platforms, which you may have never used before. So, to get the hang of it, you should take some of your time before you attend the conference to know about the event hub. Know about its tools and locations of workshops. If there is an instruction file, then go through it carefully.

Make sure you block off your calendar

To make the best of the virtual conference, your focus should be on it, make sure you have no work and inform your colleagues that you would be unavailable for the time.

Schedule your time of attending the live and recoded conference

You can join the virtual conferences live or watch the recorded clips. If you are joining the live session, make sure you log in on time. Set up a time for going live and watching the recorded clips to get the best out of the conference.

Make sure you have breaks for meals while you attend the conference.  

Keep a paper or notepad 

Well, changing through the slides for takings notes can be irritating sometimes, so keep a notepad with you to take notes.

Attend with others

See if your friends or coworkers are attending the same conference and if they are discussing your points of view on sessions would be beneficial for both of you. It will keep you engaged in the session and let you know the perspective of someone.

So, these are some tips which will surely help you when you attend a virtual conference.

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