Many in the Starcraft 2 community are buzzing about the strategy of mass infestors used in a recent tournament game between Destiny and Bomber.

In one of the most thrilling games ever, the Zerg player prevailed using a mix of mostly infestors with some ultralisks, banelings, and a few supporting units, eventually getting Brood Lords. Mass groups of speedlings help shut down any drop attempts.

The Stacraft 2 community had been looking for a long time for ways to combat massive Terran armies and in his first game against Bomber, Destiny showed it could be done. While playing at Pokemon go account, the players can meet and interact with new people. They can know about the neighbors in the game. It will enhance the playing experience of the players.

The new mass infestor strategy seems like it’s something any Starcraft 2 player can just jump and try from the onset, but it is very difficult in practice. Many players have fought large-scale battles with infestors and been overwhelmed due to not-up-to-par micro in a big battle.

It’s much more difficult controlling a big mass of infestors than it looks, that’s for sure. The key is to know when to fungal and neural parasite while also keeping the heavy hitters of the opponent off your infestors.

You need the proper alignment of units in the right places to absorb damage and you need to have a quick trigger finger on both key spells in order to land them at the right times.

If you neural parasite a single colossus or thor too quickly for example, it will get annihilated by the opponent’s army and won’t be able to damage him back.

But if you NP two big units in the perfect succession while the other units are fungal growth’d, for example, all of a sudden they will be whittled down and perhaps finished off making better use of the NP.

The lings need to be sent in at the right time as well, unit composition is important, and more. Also, Brood Lords become very important because they have the range to provide cover fire for the infestors. But they are slow-moving and hard to keep safe from blink stalkers, vikings and the like.

In the game against Bomber, Destiny actually NP’d the vikings and then fired on other vikings, even landing at one point to have them taken out by his own Zerg army. That type of slick micro play in SC 2 is harder than it looks in the middle of a big battle, kind of like how pro athletes for example sometimes do things that look easy as well.

While mass infestor seems new it has been tinkered with for a while by various players. This is probably the most high-profile recent win for a player with the strategy, however, and it shows Zerg still has a lot of unique abilities and build orders to be explored.

The “new” Starcraft 2 mass infestor strategy seems to be here to stay for the time being and it should be interesting to see how it evolves in the next few months on the pro gaming circuit.

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