Social networking sites are the new place to be for everyone. They are popping up everywhere with each new one more sophisticated than the one before. If you are using social networking sites appropriately they can be a great place to meet new people, share ideas, and of importance for us writers –a place to grow our business.

There are a lot of things that you must do right to benefit from social networking sites. I don’t want to focus on those points, I would like to focus on things you should never do while social networking.

1st thing you should never do while social networking is: forget to connect with others. This may sound crazy but many people create dry, boring, and uninformative profiles which lead possible “friends” too not want to connect with you and get to know you better. You of coarse don’t want to give everything about yourself away, but you have to come across as a real person with a personality, likes and dislikes. Share about yourself and let a glimpse of the “real” you shine through.

2nd thing you should never do while social networking is: share private/personal information. Yes, I know in tip one I said let your true personality shine through, but you can do that without putting out too many personal details. There is a difference in listing your career, the type of pets you have, and movies you like versus things you would only share with a close friend. I’m sure you have met those people in class or a new job who open up and tell you all their business on day one. I know that I have thought too myself, they don’t even know me, this is crazy. Personal details need to remain personal. A good rule of thumb is would you feel comfortable sharing this information with your boss or a new client. If not, don’t share it on a social networking site.

3rd thing you should never do while social networking is: be a pushy salesperson. Remember that social networking sites were developed for the purpose of people connecting and sharing common interest. You should not be on a site, meeting someone new and pushing your business opportunity or plan within the first 2 minutes. Allow some time for you too learn about your new “buddy” and then determine if your opportunity would fit their personality. Know one likes to feel used so be sure to express some genuine interest in the other party by sharing appropriately. 

In addition, privacy is also a big issue in all social networking platforms like Instagram. With just a few clicks, people can now see your profile. If you are on a private mode, people would still be able to see your page by availing services from

So there you have it. Don’t share too much or too little or be too pushy and you should be a social networking star. Remember have fun, share interest, and make contacts with likeminded individuals who share your passions.

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