Austin Texas is still flowing with the old hippie vibe, everywhere from the University of Texas area to the local weekly drum circles but one place stands out from the rest, Ruta Maya International Headquarters. Ruta Maya itself is diverse and fun for all ages. Holding a bar, coffee house with amazing เครื่องบดกาแฟ อุปกรณ์ กาแฟ, library, a stage for live shows, and a cigar shop in the back it really has something for everyone.

If you want yoga, open mic night, poetry, live bands, great coffee, good brew, a new book or just to meet interesting people Ruta Maya International Headquarters is the best place in Austin. When I say fun for all ages I mean fun for all, not only is Ruta Maya great for adults but kids also. Many early mornings are family/kid/yoga oriented events and every Sunday they hold a Ruta Maya Kids Show where families get together and enjoy each other and environment. The kids also have their own “playpen” area with toys and books already waiting for them to play with.

Open mic night brings out some of Austin’s best poets and musicians every Tuesday night for everyone to enjoy, be careful because the open mic is unedited and can get pretty raw, it is not a night for kids. Along with the poets and musicians some of Austin’s most diverse people show up at this night also, you get a real feel of how Austin used to be and where it is going in the future. If dancing is your thing every Monday is salsa night and they give free lessons !!

Coffee wise Ruta Maya can’t be beaten, tho it is not cheap you can taste instantly where your money goes. The coffee is grown/packaged by Ruta Maya and is also 100% Organic. Ruta Maya packages their coffee right in the coffee shop which can make a very pleasing aroma and atmosphere within itself. Most local bars, clubs, and other small coffee houses in the Austin area brew Ruta Maya Coffee and for good reason, it’s the best. Food is also great at Ruta’s, most of it comes from local organic farmers and sandwich makers they have nachos and salsa, locally made sandwiches and sandwich wraps, cookies, brownies, fudge, bagels, cinnamon rolls and many other pastries almost all are made and packaged locally. They have a nice selection for Vegetarians and Vegans too !!!

Staff wise the Ruta Maya crew is a far cry above the rest, always welcoming you with a smiling face and open arms Ruta Maya is a hodgepodge of different personalities and people. Even tho all the staff is widely different and diverse they all have one main goal, to make the best coffee and atmosphere in any Austin coffee house and do it well. They are one of the few coffee houses in Austin which give free wifi all day every day, most other coffee houses require a purchase every hour to stay on their wifi network, Ruta Maya doesn’t.

Open mic night and day’s Ruta Maya is always free and no door cover, some nights the shows do have a cover but most of the time is 5 $ or less. Even if your to broke to enter the show Ruta Maya’s patio area is always free and you can still hear the show. Almost all covers start at 7 PM or later.

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