Before you spend thousands of dollars on energy-saving products (Energy Star Products) get phenomenal results with these (6) six inexpensive home secrets.

1.When battling summer heat, give yourself a fighting chance. First, try to cool the whole house down as much as possible – windows open ( hopefully you have a dual glaze, energy-efficient windows), and let the cool early morning air circulate. That way you might start the day with the inside temperature down in the mid-’60s. Then when the sun comes up, and the rays start hitting your house, close the windows and pull the shades as the first line of defense.

2.The next defense is not let areas of the house heat up because of trapped hot air. The biggest offenders are garages and closed in attic areas. In the case of the garage, have a simple Ohagen roof vent installed to let the air seep out? Better yet, have a Solar Vent installed which draws the hot air out during the peak periods, and costs you nothing to run. Of course, lift the garage door a few inches as well to allow the air to circulate. Additionally, you can do local roofing and restoration to get it more efficient. 

3.The attic areas are huge offenders in that temperatures can reach 130 degrees if not dealt with. Here, exhaust fans can be installed with thermostats set to 85-90 degrees. For maximum efficiency, you will need inexpensive roof vents at the bottom and top of a slope to allow for the free flow of air.

4.If you have windows and doors that directly face the afternoon sun, it is good to try and intercept the sun’s rays before they have a chance to attack your structure. Outside umbrellas or awnings are a great way to control the heat before it reaches the exterior of your house.

5.Inside, having ceiling fans circulating the air will make any room temperature more tolerable.

6.Finally, a whole house fan, is a great way at the end of the day to begin to bring in the cooler air from outside and, at the same time, evacuate built up warmer air that still resides in the attic areas.

In southern California, even on really hot days, you can maintain the inside temperature in the mid to high 70s without running the air conditioner, using these simple methods.

Submitted by:

Wayne Bass, general and roofing and window contractor,, in Mission Viejo California.

For other energy-saving ideas, please see blogs on our website. As a Green Contractor in South Orange County, we have incorporated all of these ideas and more into our own residence.


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