Each one of us wants to continuously live our life on purpose. For some who do not know yet their purpose of existence, they are eventually trying to discover it by seeking the answers to the question: “What on earth am I here for?”. All of us wants to bring value and meaning in our lives in our own little way. Numerology is one way that can help us understand our life purpose through the so called, “life path”. The life path represents our traits in which we are all born with. It represents our work and the tendencies and trends of our life.The life path indicates our abilities,and inner characteristics. The life path depends on our inner self on what we can really do and living up to our full potential.

The light path number is the sum of our birth date. It represents our innate traits that we will be carrying throughout our lives. To get our own light path number, We should first add the month,day and year to arrive to a certain total number. The four digit total number should be reduced to a single digit.

Example : A person was born on July 3, 1981 (07-03-1981*), add the month 7 to the day 3 and the year 1981 arriving at the total

of 1991. Add the digits in 1991 equals 20 reducing to a single digit of 2 as the answer. Always remember to add the full year and not just the last two digits of the year. In the latter case, the year 1981 has all been added and not just the 81 or ending two digits of the year.

The numerology life path are numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Each of these life path numbers has a representation describing a persons traits,challenges and vocations.

Life path 1 describes someone who has strong leadership skills. This person is seen with a successful vocation in managing or handling his own business, a director, a corporate or a political leader. Men and women who possess positive 1 trait have the greatest capacity to lead and accomplish something at a great deal. They are at their best when confronted with obstacles by having enough strength and by being daring. They are enthusiastic individuals who love taking charge of things.Negative traits of path 1 is that they sometimes fail to become listeners or followers as they are always used to being leaders.

Life path 2 on the other hand when faced with challenges tend to be sensitive and non confrontational.Being a peacemaker and intuitive is one of their outstanding traits. They are generous, honest and caring which enables them to bring their best and others surrounding them as well.They will be most fitting in areas of counselling,guidance,diplomat and communication jobs.On the negative side of 2, are nervousness and indecisiveness.

Life path 3 are optimistic, innovative and expressive individuals.They love socialization’s in public forums and being the center stage., have a caring disposition for other’s needs as well.The 3 is a very loyal and ardent lover.But sometimes moodiness can pull them off too.

Life path 4 describes one who is vengeful and cautious. They are practical, and down to earth individuals with great perseverance, that’s why they would do well in becoming a lawyer,accountant or a politician. Structure is very important to them as they always take in to heart taking and giving orders to others. Negative side of the 4 includes being narrow-minded, repressive and lacks tactfulness.

Life path 5 loves freedom, stability, and organization.They are adventurous in their pursuit of freedom, and are advanced thinkers too. Focus and discipline is their game that’s why those people that belongs to this life path are very much successful in being a teacher, or managing their own businesses. Their down side trait are discontentment, impulsive, self -indulgent and sometimes being unaware of other people’s feelings around them.

Life path 6 exhibits empathy and compassion to others.The key elements to this life path are responsibility and balance. Making them useful makes them happy. Their traits include being kind, helpful, selfless and martyr. Thus the downside trait of this number is that they have the tendency to become a slave to others, being too hard on themselves overwhelmed with a lot of responsibility.

Life path 7 demonstrates one who is analytical, and has great wisdom. They can easily detect insincere and deceptive people thus avoiding them through their hunches which for them is true most of the time. Negative traits include being pessimistic,secretive or quarrelsome. They tend to have a serious lack of consideration for others.

Life path 8 is about strength, prowess and leadership.they are very influential and charismatic in convincing other people. They are frank and honest in their relationship with others. The negative 8 can suppress his emotional feelings and tend to resort to loneliness and isolation. Material gains and dedication to success is very important to them to the extent of neglecting their families and peace of mind.

Life path 9 is passionate and compassionate.They are caring, romantic and dedicated.They have the ability to make new friends easily and get along with others. They have an easy come easy go attitude especially when it comes to money matters. the negative 9 challenges includes uncertainty, and self sacrificing.

Understanding our life’s purpose through numerology is just one guideline. What we are is our choice. We are the masters of our soul and the captain of our fate. We are the one’s handling our own journey and not other persons dictating us what to do. Living our life to the fullest, by loving others and doing good is the best guideline for us to discover our day to day purpose here on earth. Let’s all savor the meaning and fullness of life!

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