Botox treatments are those treatments that made cosmetic procedures famous. It is true to a certain extent. But with such popularity also comes a lot of unwanted thoughts and rumours. Rumours and myths are therefore not limited only to humans and their nature, they were also for cosmetic procedures.

The one that got the worst backlash was botox procedures. Many rumours began to circulate about this procedure that people began to experiment with it, rather than making good use of the treatment. Here are some of the common myths about even the best botox in NJ.

Can Only Be Used By Female

This is quite a common myth when it comes to any cosmetic procedure. This is entirely false when it comes to botox, as it is in the case of many other cosmetic procedures. This procedure or treatment method is available for both men and women alike. The only difference will come about in the dose.

Since men have higher muscle movement in their faces, they require a higher dose of botox to get rid of the wrinkles or extra folds of their skin. surprisingly, many men come for this treatment. Even they want to appear younger and get rid of the unknowingly angry frown on their face. 

Botox Results Are Seen Immediately And Last Forever

Though they can be considered as two different myths, they usually go hand-in-hand. The truth about Botox treatment is that they are not long-lasting. They only last about 3-6 months at the maximum as the muscle strain and movement comes back after that. 

And it takes about 7 days for the full result to be seen after a botox procedure. This is also against many people’s belief that it is an immediate process. Depending on the texture of the skin, the number of doses required also changes. Some of them require up to 3 doses. Now that you know the truth, plan your botox treatment carefully.

Only For Facial Appearance, No Other Use

This is another false belief of botox treatments. Yes, this is the main function of these procedures. To remove wrinkles and frown lines. But according to FDA 2017 report, there are many medical uses of this procedure as well. In many places, different doses of botox treatment are used for treating migraine.

Other than medical treatments, they are also of other cosmetic conditions as well. It will be surprising to know that they are used for lifting eyebrows and treating double chins. Other than this, botox is not only used for the face. They can be injected underarms and forehead to reduce sweating. 

Your Frowns And Wrinkles Become Worse Once It Wears Off

This is also false. As stated before, once the botox wears out, the face goes back to its initial condition. How it was before the botox procedure was done. Since their only function is to relax the tension between the face muscles, this is the only thing they do. The effect of this procedure done is the relaxing of facial muscles and the disappearing of wrinkles and frown lines.

They do not change any chemical compounds within your body to make your condition any worse. Therefore, this is a false belief and should not be trusted. 

Botox Is Toxic For Your Skin

When we get practical, we will realise that this rumour makes no sense. If it were toxic for skin use, then it will not be approved by medical associations across the world. So botox procedures are not toxic for your skin. Even when they are taken in lightly higher doses by men, they are not harmful.

It requires at least 100 doses of the one given for men for botox injections to become toxic for you and your skin. So as long as you don’t keep going for a botox injection, you are safe from any toxicity of the procedure.

Fear Of Emotionless And Frozen Face

This myth makes absolutely no sense. Even the best botox in NJ will not give an effect such as this. Their function is to relax your face muscle and not to restrict them. A face becomes frozen and devoid of emotions only when the muscles are restricted from any movement. As long as you get the botox done by a good and certified dermatologist, you are good to move your face the way you want.

Even the most strained expression of surprise will be easy for you since your face and your mind are relaxed. 

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