This second installment to SEO hero will be less scattered, more focused, and clear. I will offer a few rules on the profitable field of ghostwriting along with these FKC Concept Evergreen Wealth Formula reviews to help you with your online money-making schemes, where people pay you, sometimes what you want, sometimes what they want, good money for writing articles for them.

So what is ghostwriting?

Another SEO field for heroes from around the world.


By definition, the ghostwriter doesn’t get any credit for writing the piece. Someone buys it … they own it. They more often than not put their name to the piece. This usually means it can be lucrative because without credit it would seem you got paid more. After all, getting published anywhere, online or in print, means something, especially on the resume. So why won’t they pay you what you want?


There are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of freelance writers who simply need more work than they have. Maybe this is you, which means you’re one of many. The law of competition says, the more sellers in the market, the cheaper the produce. However, there are quite a few ghostwriters who lack the business sense to query … or don’t like writing … or don’t put enough time into it. There are also the dreaded talented writers with day jobs who just want some extra money, and $15 an article seems fine to them. What? $15? Yes, it sounds bad, but think about it like I did when I offered cheap ghostwriting services. It takes me one hour to write, I get paid $15, bam, $15/hour. That’s pay many online writers would love to have. The problem? Quality.


Some pieces will simply need several hours of work … or an expert on the field … and demand more pay. The quality for many of these writers will go down, almost always, because it’s not worth it to them. However, and I don’t mean to rush away from this very important point, you need volume as well. Before I get to volume, there are reasons to keep your ghostwriting high quality even for low pay. It may lead to extra work from the same company, and maybe you can ask for higher rates after. I’ve done it, and often it worked. Now, the good news.


Now, getting one small assignment for one article for the small sum of $15 may seem bad. I offered the benefits, but not all. You can also, and should, get testimonials from your clients. This means others will see you with experience. Bigger than that, you may get a bigger assignment the second time. One example I have isn’t from a ghostwriting assignment, as the articles were published with my name. However, the company owned all rights and only paid me $15. They offered me the chance to write 10 articles, a total net of $150. I took it. They liked the articles. They offered me another assignment, this time 20 articles for $300. I took it. That’s the promise of demand. The volume is where the true money is, especially in the beginning. You don’t want a few articles of 500 words a week. You want 10-20, minimum. But, you want more pay? You should!

More Pay:

With positive testimonials and by working with more companies, the next benefit is to charge higher. However, some companies have set prices. Yet some will work with you. Asking for more pay is far from hard; a simple email, an offer, a thank you. They don’t want to pay it? Make a decision. You may want to start branching out to other companies, looking for the $30 an article or even better $100 for a ghostwritten article. Some ghostwriters get paid in the thousands. I don’t have experience there, but I do in branching out. It led to my pay doubling, sometimes tripling. But I kept the work with the lower-paying companies going … perhaps not with the same quality, but good enough.

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