Handbags add Exclamation to your Style!

Women who understand fashion and have a sense of style know that for a stylish woman a look is not complete without a handbag. Sure, you can have the best shoes, a perfect dress, and even a great belt or piece of jewelry; still, you must have a great handbag to punctuate the outfit. For some women the handbag is more than just a means of having a traveling storage for your personal items. Of course, there are other more practical methods of toting around your favorite gloss or shadow. However, who cares about practicality when you think of a handbag. When it comes to handbags look, style, and name are the foremost attributes. A great bag adds that extra pulsating exclamation to your style. In fact, someone who likens herself to a style diva knows that handbags are a valuable asset to your wardrobe. Surprisingly, the handbag has been around since the 16th century and the use and look of the handbag has evolved for women.

It is quite a surprise for no one has ever heard of a handbag being kept in such a good condition for that long a period, as though it were royalty and here we have certain models whose strap is so weak that it doesn’t last more than a month nowadays and people have no choice but to lookup luxurytastic replicas reviews online as they very much prefer replicas over original ones as, ironically, the former lasts much longer than the latter.

Stylish Celebrities tote Luxurious Handbags

Today, handbags are a necessity. Stylish celebrities, such as: Beyonce, Nicole Richie, Angelina Jolie, and Jessica Simpson are often photographed carrying their luxurious handbags. These luxury handbags usually come with a lavish price tag as well. In spite of this, in a recessed economy, spending heaps of cash on a handbag is a foolish thing to do. Nevertheless, there are ways to find a great handbag and look like a diva while only spending twenty bucks. That is right, since my fashion budget has streamlined in 2009 I decided to scour the racks and see if I could find a great handbag for twenty dollars.

TJ Maxx  amp; Twenty-Dollar Handbags

Amazingly, twenty dollars goes a long way if you are patient, observant, and willing to forget about designer names. Armed with my patience, eagle eyes, and twenty-dollar bill plus change for tax, I entered a local TJ Maxx to begin to do inventory of every handbag they had in the store. Since spring is upon us and the spring season is all about flowers blooming, birds chirping, and bees buzzing I started looking for bags with color. The first bag that caught my eye was bright yellow and had a little security clamp attached. A security clamp is a warning sign that this bag is expensive. Still, I gave that purse a good once over to get a feel for what I liked about the bag. The bag was a solid and bold yellow. A huge belt decorated the bag. In addition, the shape of the bag was big and roomy. A big and roomy bag is great for stuffing all your favorite goodies. Since bags of similar color are grouped together in this store I immediately noticed another yellow bag with similar shape and style marked for sale at 19.99! In order to test out the bargain bag I tried it on my arm and checked out the inside. The weight of the cheaper bag was lighter and the color was not as rich; however, this bag would pop if paired with the perfect spring dress. My hunting continued to identify some great deals for 20 dollars and less. I uncovered a fire-red, hobo shaped handbag for less than twenty dollars. A hot red handbag would be superb with some denim jeans and a white tee shirt. Another fun handbag I discovered was perhaps for the more daring person. This bag comes with circles of color on the front and the handle is a made from a unique, woodsy pattern. This bag is probably best described as an event handbag- not something, you would wear everyday. However, for that springy affair you may have to attend it would be a standout- and a steal for less than twenty dollars!

Look like a Diva without Spending like a Diva!

While, for some the idea of hunting for a bargain handbag is less than the ideal way to spend an afternoon. Few, would argue that when you have less disposable income you have to become creative to maintain a certain lifestyle. Thus, for the women who still aim to sport that stylish handbag even during a recession- alas, with stores like TJ Maxx there is a way! My findings are proof that women are capable of looking like stylish divas without spending like stylish divas!

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