In an effort to save on vacation costs, housekeeping vacations are rising in popularity. A housekeeping vacation can involve renting a cabin, condo or even a hotel with a kitchenette. On the surface these types of vacation rentals may appear more expensive than a $59 per night hotel room but I’ve learned that a housekeeping vacation is much easier on the budget.

In the simplest terms, a housekeeping vacation includes a kitchen so that travelers can cook their own meals. Proper planning and shopping will reduce vacation meal expenses and should be especially attractive to families with growing children. After several cabin vacations I’ve learned some tips to make the most of my vacation budget. Once the location has been decided, the real planning begins.

Planning a Housekeeping Vacation – Know what Items are Available

Not all housekeeping kitchens are alike. A micro-fridge in a budget hotel room will greatly limit vacation meal preparation. In my experience a cook-top, refrigerator and sink are absolutely required in order to properly prepare meals. An oven and grill add a better dimension to cooking options.

We require a coffeemaker and many people find an automatic toaster a must for breakfast. Other items I always pack for our cabin vacations include my rice pot (guaranteeing a lid that fits), a multi-measure tablespoon, a two-cup Pyrex measuring cup and my own sharpened knives. A family can go to the vacations depending on the services offered through the професионален домоуправител София форум. The packing will be done according of the need and preference of the owner. The vacations will be delightful and enlighten mood of the person

Planning a Housekeeping Vacation – Make a Menu

Planning ahead is an absolute requirement for housekeeping vacations. When we plan our annual trip to Bear’s Den Lodge near Alban, Ontario, we make a list of every meal – breakfast and dinner as well as lunches and snacks. I make a very exact menu including how many eggs we eat for breakfast or how many cheeseburgers the man will eat for dinner. Our menu always includes at least two non-grilling dinners such as chili or baked ham. I plan these meals for early in the week to provide leftovers for lunch or sandwiches.

While our hopes during a fishing vacation include catching fish to eat, it’s not a good idea to plan that as a main dish just in case the fish don’t bite. Housekeeping vacations can include restaurant dinners if desired but it’s nice to be able to at least eat breakfast and/or lunch at “home” rather than pay expensive fast-food prices.

Planning a Housekeeping Vacation – Make a Shopping List

With the menu planned, it’s time to know exactly what to buy. At the end of our first cabin vacation I had too much food left in the refrigerator even though we had extended our stay by three days. I was able to drop some food off to a friend in Parry Sound but I still ended up throwing away too much good food since it wouldn’t survive the two-day trip back home.

The actual food isn’t the only grocery requirement. My man loves macaroni salad and this means I need to have macaroni, eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, pickles and onions. Items that seem to “always” be in your refrigerator at home, such as condiments, will have to be packed along with the rest of your food. If the trip is short ketchup, mustard and oil-based salad dressings, even if they are already open, can be carried along in a cooler.

Planning a Housekeeping Vacation – Shopping

Shopping for a cabin or condo vacation is done a lot of different ways depending upon the method of travel and distance. Obviously, if a family is flying to their vacation destination it will be less expensive to buy everything at the grocery store closest to the cabin or condo than to pay airfare for all those supplies.

We drive approximately 10 hours to the closest large town for an overnight stay before our check-in day at our cabin. I do my vacation shopping in three parts. First, I check the pantry and freezers for the on-hand items we will need and cross those off my list. I then buy all of my non-perishable foods close to home as well as most of the meat items we will need. We mix and shape our hamburgers patties, make our chili “base” including meat and seasonings, divide our breakfast meat into meal-size packages and freeze all of these items. I buy butter in bulk during the summer months and freeze this as well. The evening before we leave, we buy dry ice for the meat cooler.

The final shopping stop we make is the morning of check-in at our cabin. We go to a local farmers market for all of our produce then to the grocery store for the final items – milk, bread, juice, cheese and eggs. The final leg of our journey to the cabin is a one-hour drive, unloading the truck then loading a boat for the final two miles. We bring along a second cooler for the perishables to be covered with ice in case of delays.

It is a lot of work to plan a housekeeping vacation. Proper planning and shopping will reduce vacation food costs and give more control over the foods your family eats. Time is valuable but having the money to spend on a visit to a nearby attraction can create a life-long memory.

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