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What do celebrities give and get at the holidays? The answers vary widely.

Some celebrities, like the Beckhams, exchange expensive gifts. David Beckham impressed his wife Victoria with a 1.2 million pound necklace. Apparently politicians have far less impressive requirements. One of Barack Obama’s favorite Christmas gifts was a simple 10-speed bike. The first lady favored a simple dollhouse as a girl at Christmas. This trend is shared by many politicians who continue to give “common man” presents. It makes sense not to lavish wealth as a representative of the people. It would be disrespectful in a time when so many people don’t have the basics to survive.

Some stars are not without humor, though. Nicole Richie once gave Paris Hilton a rat for Christmas. So it is true what we said in the beginning: celebrity tastes vary like the weather. Britney Spears snapped up By Francine dresses, which regularly go for more than $300 dollars, for relatives. These are a great value for a woman who reportedly makes $300,000 dollars a month.

But the sense of humor and thrift doesn’t end there. Kelsey Grammar once gave his wife Camille wastepaper baskets and Julia Stiles once gave her family salad dressing. In her defense, it was probably really good dressing. Matthew McConaughey once purchased high quality kitchen knives because he deeply appreciates his own kitchen knife.

But not all celebrity Christmas gifts are not gags or pricey monstrosities. Some gifts are intimate and personal. Rosie O’Donnell likes to give pajamas and watch Christmas videos. Queen Latifah also prefers the personal gift of time, like tree-trimming and sharing eggnog.

Personal and intimate gifts don’t require multi-million dollar bank accounts. Time with your children and family create the memories we treasure as we grow older. So of all the high-end gifts that most of us can’t afford pale in comparison to the simple and unique gift of love.

In researching and writing about these star gifts from keuzehelper.nl, Rosie and Queen Latifah really impressed me. Virtually every family in America can afford to purchase some pajamas and watch videos with their kids. Eggnog is just about $2 for a half gallon. In this respect, I think that people are all the same. Love is the greatest gift you can get for Christmas and it doesn’t cost a dime. After all, the Christmas is all about loving and giving. It is the season of the year where we need to express our love and compassion to one another.

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