A house purchase can be a daunting task, but it is also fun if you are familiar with the real estate market and how it works. Shopping for a home is one of a kind experience, but when doing it with a partner, it can be even better. Although house shopping with a partner is exciting, many things have to be considered as two people are involved in the purchase, and their needs and preferences must be met and fulfilled. Partners will have to share the costs when buying the property and check the onpoint rates. It is a big commitment and a huge step in a relationship. Whether you are a married couple or unmarried, here are the three tips that will help you buy a house- 

Estimate of expenses 

One of the most important things to consider when buying a house with your partner is to estimate the expenses and costs. These expenses include the house cost and the property registration costs. Other expenses that can be included can be stamp duty, transport fees, mortgage application fees, electricity bills and much more. By getting an estimate, you will have clarity about what you will have to pay. It will also help in managing the finances.  

Increase credit scores 

Good credit scores can help in getting a house loan from a bank. Credit scores create a good impression on the creditors and help in finalizing the loan. If you have poor credit scores, make sure to improve them by paying all the due bills on time, as credit scores also reflect the financial stability of the loan applicants. 

Co-purchase agreement 

While shopping for a home with your partner, you should agree to sign a co-purchase agreement. This is a legal document that will disclose all the rights and obligations of the parties buying the property. This agreement will protect the rights of you and your partner.

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