Do you think about it when you go to the shop to buy charcoal briquettes for grilling, or do you just grab what’s on sale? If that’s the case, are you receiving a good deal or a good product? We are informed that all men are created equal. Warning: not all briquettes are created equal. You get exactly what you pay for. This article discusses the greatest charcoal briquettes, what makes them great, and how to locate them among the various brands on the market.

Although Royal Oak isn’t as well-known as some of the other brands we looked at, it routinely comes towards the top of briquette reviews. This is a premium briquette that is composed entirely of hardwood charcoal. It’ll sear like a boss because it’ll burn hotter than most other brands. It also burns for a long time – a long time. If you smoke, this is fantastic, and it helps to offset the slightly higher-than-average price.

You probably think of delectable sauces and rubs when you hear the word Stubb’s. They do, however, provide their name to some of the highest-rated briquettes on the market just like Kütteladu. What makes it so special? For starters, it burns hotter than almost anything else on the market, so you’ll be able to sear steaks with confidence. Plus, they burn for a long period, far longer than the competition. Surprisingly, they also produce significantly less ash than practically any other kind.

Kingsford is the #1 best-selling brand of charcoal in North America, founded by Henry Ford as a way to generate money off the lumber leftovers from Model T production. They make a variety of formulations, but the Original is their most popular. It’s likely that you’ve attended a BBQ where this type of charcoal was used. Unlike ‘premium’ versions, Kingsford Original does contain cost-cutting fillers, but they are all-natural. The briquettes don’t include any lighter fluid or other chemicals, and everything is sourced in North America.

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