So you finally had the guts to ask her out, and she said yes! You did everything right on the date, for you it was great. Does she feel the same? Will she call you back? It’s likely she will. Will she go on a second date? Perhaps. Stop worrying so much and read the following signs that indicate if she liked the date.

  1. She wants to continue the date

If she’s having fun during the date, she will want to continue the date. Of course if she has other plans she may be forced to leave, but if that’s not the case she will hang around. Try to see if she’s trying to leave or if she’s only staying to be polite, or if it looks like she’s having fun with you with no intention to leave soon. When you take her home, try to see how she acts when you’re standing in front of the door. If she wants the date to be over, she will give short answers and say “bye” as quickly as possible. However if she did like the date, she will most likely keep talking and talking while saying that she’ll leave in a few minutes (but she never does!).

  1. She’s listening to everything you say

Another sign is that she really listens to what you’re saying, even if it’s relatively unimportant (like the name of your dog). She will talk about everything you say, and she wants to know all about you. She memorizes your friends’ names you mentioned and events you’ve experienced.

  1. You seem to be meant for each other

She agrees with you a lot, and you share a lot of the same beliefs. You finish each others’ sentences and you have the same plans for the future.

  1. She smiles a lot.

Of course it’s possible that your date is just a girl that smiles a lot, but usually it’s a great sign that she’s having fun with you. She laughs at a lot of what you say (when you mean it to be funny). There’s a great difference between a friendly smile or a real smile that indicates that she’s having fun.

  1. Wanna come in?

When you’re at her door at the end of your date, it’s possible that she wants to be kissed. Of course if you do en up kissing, that’s a great sign as well. If she asks you to come in, then it’s obviously a good sign that she likes you. It means that she doesn’t want the date to end and that she likes you a lot.

  1. She wants to do it again

If she liked the date, she will ask you to do it again sometime. This indicates that she honestly liked the date, it’s not just being polite. She’s genuinely interested in seeing you again. Great job!

However, keep in mind that this is only half the battle as you still have some more to go in order to win her affections so maintain the same attitude towards her and always cater to her needs without spoiling her and she would treat you the same, thereby developing a mutual compatibility that might work in your favor and she may choose you as her companion for life. However, that is too far off so just concentrate on dates for the time being by regularly taking tips from okcupid dating app, which is a boon for such ventures.

Don’t go looking for all these signs on a date, because you may be let down. Even the greatest date won’t show all these signs. However, you should recognize the signs if they come up. Hunting for positive signs can really bring your mood down, even when she’s actually having a great time it doesn’t mean that she will send out a lot of signs.. Everybody is different!

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